Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Selera Sri Tambang Mee Udang

I accidentally deleted the coordinate which I marked for this restaurant. But the one pre-installed in the GPS marks the place at X: 100.431800 Y: 5.430730.
I followed to this point on my way to the place and its not that hard to find lah.

There are a lot of reviews on this Prawn Mee restaurant. It did appear in one of the weekend pages of Utusan Malaysia recently. So I don't think I need to write much about this place.

Maybe I can put in some comment on the pricing. The way you order is you choose the prawns that you want up to how many you want to eat lah. The price is RM8 per 100grams for Udang Kertas (Paper Prawn?). And you can opt to have it with fried mee or wet mee (mee basah?). That they charge at RM3 per serving. So let say the 5 of you go there and took 10 pieces of prawns (~500gm) and 4 servings of mee, they will charge you RM40 + RM12 for one big bowl of prawn mee. Got it?

p/s: 20 years down the road, Arianna will read this blog and say.. RM52 for 5 people meal??? damn cheap lah!

Enjoy the pictures!


Wan said...

uhh.. tangan sape kat depan QZ tu, Rumet ke? apesal nampak gagah semacam jer lol. JK

Opspin said...

Looks yummy

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