Friday, June 20, 2008

Restoran Tasek Raban

You think increasing the fuel price will stop us from traveling? Heyy.. the price of cigarette is now about rm8 per pack and I can even see school kids smoking them!!! Change your lifestyle my arse.

As mentioned in the previous post, we went to Ipoh last weekend for a JJCM trip. The first restaurant that we went to is Restoran Tasek Raban. The name is taken from a lake in Lenggong, Perak. I think the original restaurant is there but the one we went to is in Ipoh, near the stadium (next to the Kompleks Sukan Ipoh). Sorry I don't have the coordinate for this venue as I still haven't figured out how to mark the location using the Kaiser. Kasik can la! I just got it less than 3 hours before we reached the restaurant.

The restaurant is about serving simple Malay Kampung Food (Kampung Malay Food?). We reached there at 2pm but still the place is crowded. We have to wait for a while to get a table baby chair. Basically its white rice and "lauk". You can opt for "makan hidang" (served) or "kuah taruk atas" (buffet style single serving). Haha... belasah je buat term sendiri.

The choices are plenty. From the normal fried fish, fried chicken, chicken curry, fish curry, chicken kurma, all types "masak lemak", daging masak kicap to the signature dishes like ikan patin masak tempoyak, fresh water grilled fish like ikan terubuk bakar, ikan keli bakar, talapia bakar, ikan perkasam and etc. They serve a variety of sayur and ulam kampung as well to go with the authentic sauces like tempoyak, budu, cencalok and all sort of other fermented stuffs.

The place is comfortable enough, the tables are set at the open space. No airconds for sure and the fans doesn't help much either. So don't be shy to sweat yourself out when you eat here. For that day the 3 of us had these:

Ikan patin masak tempoyak, perut with tomatoes and sayur.

Ikan keli bakar, pucuk paku masak lemak and hati lembu. And you can see Arianna is having fried chicken.

Add with air sirap, laici and limau ais, the total bill was rm15.20. Not bad huh? Considering the size of the fishes. They also sell ikan perkasam at the price of Rm10 for 3 packs which each pack has 3 to 4 pieces of ikan perkasam. The ikan perkasam is really good i tell you!


eLLe said...

aik..qz bukan pregnant ke??
cam mentenn je dlm gambar..huhu :)

headsteadi said...

tempoyak my fav.

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