Saturday, June 21, 2008

Restoran Hj. Daud Mat Jasak Review

Located in the middle of Ipoh town, near Super Kinta Ipoh to be exact you will find a small stall by the alley that according to many people serves good Mee Kicap (Soy Sauce Noodle) and Curry Mee. To be really exact on the location (ehem!) the coordinate will be X: 101.082325 Y: 4.594191. Please don't be offended if you don't have a GPS unit. Nowadays the application called Google Earth is freely available on the web. Just search for 101.082325 E 4.594191 N and you roughly get the idea where the restaurant is.

The restaurant serves "light" meals for tea. We went there at around 4pm and the place is not crowded yet but by the time we got our orders, the stall is almost fully packed with people.

The restaurant signage. Very classic with free advertisement for Pepsi and Bleu Mineral Water.

It is really by the roadside.

Among the few decent shots of Arianna.

The mastermind of the trip.

You don't have to pay high price to see what's the chef is preparing in the kitchen.

Its next to Rumah TNB. Haha... so misleading.

The mee kicap. I can say that I've never knew about mee kicap before. So I can't really compare. I can say that it's good. Something like Wantan Mee Kicap.

You have to eat it with the soup I guess to make it tastes better.

The curry mee I can comment. The curry / gravy is not that great. I've tasted better. But Wifey and I agree that the fishballs, meetballs and foo chok are good and tasty. They say that the owner made those themselves. Maybe that is the main attraction of this restaurant. No wonder that we saw some people buying only those... like Yong Tau Fu and have it with the clear soup and chilli sauce.

I think the total price I paid for one bowl of curry mee, one mee kicap, 3 pieces of crabsticks and 2 glasses of drinks is RM12.40.

My final verdict for this place is CAN TRY LAH!

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