Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nice piece of gadget

X: 101.082325 Y: 4.594191 = Mee Kicap Hj Daud Mat Jasak

X: 101.057890 Y: 4.615607 = Mee Kari Silibin

X: 100.596115 Y: 4.979233 = Cendol Pulut Hazar Tomyam Seafood

What the hell are these I am talking about??????

Haha.... remember this post?

Last Saturday on 14th June 2008, Wifey bought me a Father's Day cum Belated 27th Birthday Present. It is a.....

HTC TYTN II a.k.a HTC Kaiser !!!!

Woohooooooo!!!!!! The complete set with Bluetooth headset, 2GB MicroSD card, Car Holder and Car Charger. Loaded with the latest Malaysia and Singapore map and other softwares that I haven't managed to look into yet!

And for your information, the X and Y mentioned above are the coordinates to the good food location that we went to last weekend. It was a Jalan2 Cari Makan Trip to Ipoh which is extended to Semanggol and Bukit Mertajam.I will blog about those places later but lets dedicate this post to thank the loveliest persons in my life, Wifey and Arianna.

After years of "hinting" to get this gadget and thanks to the world for increasing the price of fuel, which makes my justification that we should waste petrol by getting lost on the road anymore .... finally Wifey rewarded me with this GPS + PDA + Phone! There's another gift together with the Kaiser, but since I haven't snap the picture of it, i'll save that for another post.

With her birthday coming up next month plus the new born coming insya Allah in October, it will be extremely hard for me to top this Kaiser. Come to think of it... she got it easy. I gave her tonnes of ideas for what I want... GPS lah, lens lah, sport shoes lah, wallet la... the list is endless. But of all the things in my list, she gave me the top of the list item.. that is priceless. Love you Wifey :) .

With this, I've croosed out my only wishlist for year 2008. So I can spend the next 5 months of this year without any purpose to buy anything. But hey... I have a Kaiser with me.. it'll take at least that long to fully explore all the capability of this gadget!


headsteadi said...

Nice gadget. Jeles eku weh ...

DJ 70s said...

congrats rumet...akhirnya dapat gak GPS ready PDA

aku dah bosan ngan aku punyer...nak tukar diamond plak


rumet said...

demm... ini sudah lebih!

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