Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mee Kari Silibin

This is going to be a short one. When Wifey was staying in Ipoh, she used to have this Curry Mee in Medan Kit. Since that is more than 10 years ago, it seems that the owner has moved to another place. Wifey got to know that the owner moved to a place called Silibin (pronounce as sillybean). The exact location is unknown and the best part is the restaurant/stall has no name. Ahah! Only the GPS can save the day now.

We went to recce the place the night before since the curry mee is served for breakfast and according to Wifey we have to be there early as the curry mee is selling like hot cakes. We marked a spot which we think is where the curry mee stall is but the next morning, the stall is closed! But finally we found it anyway. The stall is named Gerai Mee Kari. Kini dibuka hingga malam. Haha. Coordinate : 101.057890 E 4.615607 N

According to Wifey, their curry mee is the best in her book lah! The difference that I noticed is that the curry is a bit more spicy but not the kind of spicy that you cannot take lah! But I noticed there was no kerang... hmm something missing.

Picture of Curry Mee


headsteadi said...

takde kerang? ada apa then?

rumet said...

fishball,tauhu semua ada

+cheeps+ said...

dah try but still takleh lawan Mee kat Cheruk Tok Kun

+cheeps+ said...

eh.. silap.. yg aku try tuh kat Hj Daud

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