Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just my luck

Yesterday I sent my car to Proton Center of Excellence Service Center which is at Proton HQ. Shah Alam or USJ that place lah.

During my first visit few months back to do my 1st 1000KM service, I have to wait 4 hours for them to get it done. Since I brought the car at almost 2000km mark, they put in a sticker at the windshield and told me to come for the next service at 6000km mark.

Being me, I brought it yesterday when the mileage has reached 69++km. Waited for my turn to be called, and finally it came after about 30 minutes of waiting. The attending officer then said to me, "for Savvy you should come for service every 10,000km. So the next one should be at 10,000km". Bloody hell!

But I asked him, "since I am already here can I just service the car at 7000km and come for the next visit at 17000km". He said, "no if we service it now... the next one will be at 12000km and the next will be 17000km". It'll be a 5000km cycle even though this Renault engine only requires service every 10000km with a semi synthetic oil. Obviously I'm not that rich to replace my engine oil every 5000km. After all I won't be working for O&G company anymore after this.

Since it took a lot of my effort to make an appointment and go to the "Center Of Excellence" after my midnight shift ended, I asked them to check on the wheel bearing which caused all the Savvy to be called back. Then he told me, "yes we can check the wheel spindle and if found defected we will arrange for another appointment to replace it. At the moment the spindle is out of stock. Expected to be available in two weeks time". Crap!

Fine. I sent it for checking anyway and made a few more minor complaints for them to check and make my trip worthwhile. The attending officer advised me not to wait as it will take at least 3-4 hours to check the wheel spindle.

I called my dad to pick me up at 11am. And I got a callback from them to pick the car up at 5pm. On the phone the attending officer told me that the wheel spindle is replaced, somehow the stock arrived during noon that day. All together the bill is RM0. But the amount of time, money and stress spent on this occasion are after all priceless. And this is the Center Of Excellence we are talking about here. In the advert they will stop your car to inform that your skirt is jutting out of the car door. Pirraaahhh... kalau pakcik tua punya kain sarong sangkut kat pintu tu, jangan harap la nak tegur. Siap panggil member lagi join gelakkan!

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Anonymous said...

so jialat o_O

dere's a better servicing provided at ! it's at SGD$90, but it's with liqui moly products! i've tried it on my car. de sales guy told me can achieve bmw performance even with my nissan presea i thot he talking kok, but i tried it n de performance is much better! some more got fuel savings!

really, go take a look. saved a lot of cost for me, will save a lot for u.


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