Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here I am again...

at the Toyota Service Center. But this time I choose to go to the Petaling Jaya Service Center, which is supposed to be the main service center... HQ sort of.

I came here for the 60,000km service few months back and they took the whole day to service the Vios. Sent it at 9am and I got it back at 4pm. Hence the reason why I tried to go to the Subang Jaya branch. Which I would not go there again.

According to the service advisor, they have to check 200 items in the QC list here in PJ SC. That's why they take longer time. Sent it at 11am this morning and now I'm using there internet corner to write this. The time is 2.46pm. They are in progress of replacing the fan belt and the alternator belt. Quoted RM80+ including labor fees.

Hmm.. at least I had a good lunch just now.

1 comment:

ephol said...

siot laaa... farul kuar tak ajak aku.. menyelinap jeee..

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