Friday, June 27, 2008

Funny Mountain Tao Fo Fa

This will be the last place on my "to review" list for our recent Jalan2 Cari Makan trip to Ipoh.
Again this is a famous soya bean outlet in Ipoh. Google it and you'll find a few bloggers giving better insight on this product.

Among the unique features of this place is that you can opt for a drive-thru service if you don't want to seat on plastic chairs by the stall. Their tou fo fa is so good that they don't bother to add variety to their sugar syrup. Try and ask for Gula Merah or ginger syrup, they will say that they only serve normal pandan sugar syrup.

This is the 2nd time me having this. I like it because it is served hot. And again, the amount of syrup is just nice.

For those with GPS, the coordinate in Mapking will be X: 101.084450 Y: 4.594740 or the true coordinate conversion is 101 5' 4.02" E 4 35' 41.064" N. You can Google Earth that this time :)

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