Saturday, June 07, 2008

Belkin Warranty Review

I'm sure all of you have read, reviewed and bitched about the recent fuel price hike. Too bad my 5% discount card is only valid until end of this month. Dunno what kind of benefit I will get when I join the supplier company on July.

As most of you might have noticed, we are getting lots of heavy rain in the past few days. Since my parents' house is located in a lightning prone area, we get this power surge quite often. I think this year alone I've repaired the computer twice and 3 days ago, the PC could not display anything again, and the LEDs on the network port are permanently lit. So I thought the motherboard got burned again and replaced it the day after.

So what is with this Belkin Connected Devices Warranty? I bought this thing called the Belkin Surge Master after the 2nd time I replaced the motherboard. My father got really fed up with this visits to Low Yat Plaza and decided to buy this RM199 gadget at Sri Computers. The beauty of this device that we bought is that it provides surge protection up to 75000 Amps of current spike! And if you connected devices is faulty due to lightning strike, they will cover the cost of the faulty device for the value up to RM25,000.

3 days ago, the motherboard was unlucky. Everything else is working fine after the rain, the phone, router/modem and RAM. So I called the Toll Free Tech Support Hotline for Malaysia 1800 81 2076, but I was routed to Bangalore, India Helpdesk! And they have no idea of this Belkin Connected Device Warranty. They gave me the number for the distributor in Malaysia which is AV Future (03 77832010). They passed me to Warranty department and I spoke to this guy named Jack. He said just replace the faulty motherboard and claim with them later. But he warned me that the insurance will only pay the current market price for the faulty device - same model that is. I have this Biostar motherboard which I bought at RM155 last March. I'm not sure the current market value for it now, but I've bought the replacement (Foxconn) for RM180.

Yesterday I called AV Future again and told them only my motherboard is faulty and I've bought the replacement. JAck told me to bring the Surge Protector and the faulty motherboard to their place in Taman Perindustrian OAG. When I reached that place, they printed some forms for me to sign and the best part is they replaced the Surge Protector with a new one. I told them that the device is not faulty, I still can use it but they insisted on replacing it. They told me that I will get a call from their accounts department to inform the current price of the faulty motherboard and arrange for reimbursement latest in 2 weeks time. As simple as that!

This is my 2nd experience with this Belkin Warranty. The previous one is with my Wireless Router, faulty also due to lightning strike! I sent it to the shop where I bought it, 3 weeks after that I got a new wireless router as a replacement. They did not repair my old router... gave me a new one, still in a box with plastic wrapping.

Belkin is well known for its high price in Malaysian market, but with this kind of service and warranty, I would not mind to pay more.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Belkin really replace it? You took the wireless router to the shop where you bought Belkin SurgeProtector? Why don't you bring your motherboard to that shop as well? Please email to let me know the reason ( as I stay in JB and it is far from KL... it would be nice if I can just pass everything to the shop where I bought Belkin SurgeProtector. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. With Belkin SurgeMaster, I still got my PC & Fax/copier burnt. Will call them for warranty compensation. Thanks for sharing.

Sean said...

Do they need your burn motherboard receipt to claim?

rumet said...

no need... they will only reimburse the current market price for the same mobo model.

Jeremy said...

Sorry I know this an old post but I have a question. Do we need the belkin surge protector receipt too? If you could reply me at would be great. Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

how about going for cal-lab lightning isolator ( for lightning protection?

Anonymous said...

Why pay more when you can pay less, surely the down time is longer to replace the computer mother board that got fried. Next time one may not be so luck, others connected equipment may got zap too. Good luck!

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