Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taking a break

Due to unforseen circumstances I would like to take a break from this blogging thingy. And yes Ephol, I'll stop posting GPS coordinates for a while.

Fifteen to 20 years from now if Arianna manages to find this blog and read through this post, Ayah and Ibu would like you to know that we are really worried about you these few days. We love you so much and are trying our best to overcome this.

Just to let you know that you are not alone. During Ayah's and Ibu's time even Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney and Katie Holmes had it.

p/s: we are praying for your fast recovery.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Belkin Warranty the Best!

If you still remember this post about Belkin Connected Device Warranty review, two days ago I received a call to collect the cheque. The best part is the amount paid is RM190, where the faulty motherboard did cost RM155 4 months ago and the replacement motherboard only cost RM180.

So roughly I get RM10 extra for the effort of going to the distributor office which by the way is located at X: 101.699081 Y: 3.069336 or 101 41' 56.6916" E 3 4' 9.6096" N.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Funny Mountain Tao Fo Fa

This will be the last place on my "to review" list for our recent Jalan2 Cari Makan trip to Ipoh.
Again this is a famous soya bean outlet in Ipoh. Google it and you'll find a few bloggers giving better insight on this product.

Among the unique features of this place is that you can opt for a drive-thru service if you don't want to seat on plastic chairs by the stall. Their tou fo fa is so good that they don't bother to add variety to their sugar syrup. Try and ask for Gula Merah or ginger syrup, they will say that they only serve normal pandan sugar syrup.

This is the 2nd time me having this. I like it because it is served hot. And again, the amount of syrup is just nice.

For those with GPS, the coordinate in Mapking will be X: 101.084450 Y: 4.594740 or the true coordinate conversion is 101 5' 4.02" E 4 35' 41.064" N. You can Google Earth that this time :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nasi Kandar Yong Suan

If you google "nasi kandar yong suan" there'll be lots of websites and blogs about this restaurant. I won't bother to compete to be in the top 5 search result in Google on this subject. The main reason is simple.. I don't find it good enough. Not that addictive that some people even called it Nasi Ganja.

So this post is just to note that I've tried this "weed rice" or is it ("marijuana rice"?). Dont ask me the coordinate. Its just so famous that people have marked the place in Google Earth.

Muka terpaksa makan nasi kandar sebab hubby die suka.

My choice of dishes. The curry paste at the edge of the plate is the one people are crazy about. All the ganja is in there :P.. Pirahhhh!! tawar nak mampos!

Tengok.. pegang lauk pon pakai 3 jari je :)

Touching the Goose

Even I don't have the guts to do this...

Here I am again...

at the Toyota Service Center. But this time I choose to go to the Petaling Jaya Service Center, which is supposed to be the main service center... HQ sort of.

I came here for the 60,000km service few months back and they took the whole day to service the Vios. Sent it at 9am and I got it back at 4pm. Hence the reason why I tried to go to the Subang Jaya branch. Which I would not go there again.

According to the service advisor, they have to check 200 items in the QC list here in PJ SC. That's why they take longer time. Sent it at 11am this morning and now I'm using there internet corner to write this. The time is 2.46pm. They are in progress of replacing the fan belt and the alternator belt. Quoted RM80+ including labor fees.

Hmm.. at least I had a good lunch just now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just my luck

Yesterday I sent my car to Proton Center of Excellence Service Center which is at Proton HQ. Shah Alam or USJ that place lah.

During my first visit few months back to do my 1st 1000KM service, I have to wait 4 hours for them to get it done. Since I brought the car at almost 2000km mark, they put in a sticker at the windshield and told me to come for the next service at 6000km mark.

Being me, I brought it yesterday when the mileage has reached 69++km. Waited for my turn to be called, and finally it came after about 30 minutes of waiting. The attending officer then said to me, "for Savvy you should come for service every 10,000km. So the next one should be at 10,000km". Bloody hell!

But I asked him, "since I am already here can I just service the car at 7000km and come for the next visit at 17000km". He said, "no if we service it now... the next one will be at 12000km and the next will be 17000km". It'll be a 5000km cycle even though this Renault engine only requires service every 10000km with a semi synthetic oil. Obviously I'm not that rich to replace my engine oil every 5000km. After all I won't be working for O&G company anymore after this.

Since it took a lot of my effort to make an appointment and go to the "Center Of Excellence" after my midnight shift ended, I asked them to check on the wheel bearing which caused all the Savvy to be called back. Then he told me, "yes we can check the wheel spindle and if found defected we will arrange for another appointment to replace it. At the moment the spindle is out of stock. Expected to be available in two weeks time". Crap!

Fine. I sent it for checking anyway and made a few more minor complaints for them to check and make my trip worthwhile. The attending officer advised me not to wait as it will take at least 3-4 hours to check the wheel spindle.

I called my dad to pick me up at 11am. And I got a callback from them to pick the car up at 5pm. On the phone the attending officer told me that the wheel spindle is replaced, somehow the stock arrived during noon that day. All together the bill is RM0. But the amount of time, money and stress spent on this occasion are after all priceless. And this is the Center Of Excellence we are talking about here. In the advert they will stop your car to inform that your skirt is jutting out of the car door. Pirraaahhh... kalau pakcik tua punya kain sarong sangkut kat pintu tu, jangan harap la nak tegur. Siap panggil member lagi join gelakkan!

Best Cendol In Semanggol

The name of the restaurant.

According to my father in law, they serve good laksa too. I will update on the coordinate later as I found out that my coordinate conversion is not accurate. I will amend the location of the previous posts as well when I figure out how.

The good cendol.

A big bowl of cendol, with a huge serving of pulut (sticky rice), a bit of red beans only costs RM2.
Wifey's comment is... the sweetness of the Cendol is perfect, not too sweet and not too unsweet (mampos la.. blog aku kan?)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Selera Sri Tambang Mee Udang

I accidentally deleted the coordinate which I marked for this restaurant. But the one pre-installed in the GPS marks the place at X: 100.431800 Y: 5.430730.
I followed to this point on my way to the place and its not that hard to find lah.

There are a lot of reviews on this Prawn Mee restaurant. It did appear in one of the weekend pages of Utusan Malaysia recently. So I don't think I need to write much about this place.

Maybe I can put in some comment on the pricing. The way you order is you choose the prawns that you want up to how many you want to eat lah. The price is RM8 per 100grams for Udang Kertas (Paper Prawn?). And you can opt to have it with fried mee or wet mee (mee basah?). That they charge at RM3 per serving. So let say the 5 of you go there and took 10 pieces of prawns (~500gm) and 4 servings of mee, they will charge you RM40 + RM12 for one big bowl of prawn mee. Got it?

p/s: 20 years down the road, Arianna will read this blog and say.. RM52 for 5 people meal??? damn cheap lah!

Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mee Kari Silibin

This is going to be a short one. When Wifey was staying in Ipoh, she used to have this Curry Mee in Medan Kit. Since that is more than 10 years ago, it seems that the owner has moved to another place. Wifey got to know that the owner moved to a place called Silibin (pronounce as sillybean). The exact location is unknown and the best part is the restaurant/stall has no name. Ahah! Only the GPS can save the day now.

We went to recce the place the night before since the curry mee is served for breakfast and according to Wifey we have to be there early as the curry mee is selling like hot cakes. We marked a spot which we think is where the curry mee stall is but the next morning, the stall is closed! But finally we found it anyway. The stall is named Gerai Mee Kari. Kini dibuka hingga malam. Haha. Coordinate : 101.057890 E 4.615607 N

According to Wifey, their curry mee is the best in her book lah! The difference that I noticed is that the curry is a bit more spicy but not the kind of spicy that you cannot take lah! But I noticed there was no kerang... hmm something missing.

Picture of Curry Mee

Swimming in Ipoh

This post is just to test the mobile blogging capability of this cool gadget.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Restoran Hj. Daud Mat Jasak Review

Located in the middle of Ipoh town, near Super Kinta Ipoh to be exact you will find a small stall by the alley that according to many people serves good Mee Kicap (Soy Sauce Noodle) and Curry Mee. To be really exact on the location (ehem!) the coordinate will be X: 101.082325 Y: 4.594191. Please don't be offended if you don't have a GPS unit. Nowadays the application called Google Earth is freely available on the web. Just search for 101.082325 E 4.594191 N and you roughly get the idea where the restaurant is.

The restaurant serves "light" meals for tea. We went there at around 4pm and the place is not crowded yet but by the time we got our orders, the stall is almost fully packed with people.

The restaurant signage. Very classic with free advertisement for Pepsi and Bleu Mineral Water.

It is really by the roadside.

Among the few decent shots of Arianna.

The mastermind of the trip.

You don't have to pay high price to see what's the chef is preparing in the kitchen.

Its next to Rumah TNB. Haha... so misleading.

The mee kicap. I can say that I've never knew about mee kicap before. So I can't really compare. I can say that it's good. Something like Wantan Mee Kicap.

You have to eat it with the soup I guess to make it tastes better.

The curry mee I can comment. The curry / gravy is not that great. I've tasted better. But Wifey and I agree that the fishballs, meetballs and foo chok are good and tasty. They say that the owner made those themselves. Maybe that is the main attraction of this restaurant. No wonder that we saw some people buying only those... like Yong Tau Fu and have it with the clear soup and chilli sauce.

I think the total price I paid for one bowl of curry mee, one mee kicap, 3 pieces of crabsticks and 2 glasses of drinks is RM12.40.

My final verdict for this place is CAN TRY LAH!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Restoran Tasek Raban

You think increasing the fuel price will stop us from traveling? Heyy.. the price of cigarette is now about rm8 per pack and I can even see school kids smoking them!!! Change your lifestyle my arse.

As mentioned in the previous post, we went to Ipoh last weekend for a JJCM trip. The first restaurant that we went to is Restoran Tasek Raban. The name is taken from a lake in Lenggong, Perak. I think the original restaurant is there but the one we went to is in Ipoh, near the stadium (next to the Kompleks Sukan Ipoh). Sorry I don't have the coordinate for this venue as I still haven't figured out how to mark the location using the Kaiser. Kasik can la! I just got it less than 3 hours before we reached the restaurant.

The restaurant is about serving simple Malay Kampung Food (Kampung Malay Food?). We reached there at 2pm but still the place is crowded. We have to wait for a while to get a table baby chair. Basically its white rice and "lauk". You can opt for "makan hidang" (served) or "kuah taruk atas" (buffet style single serving). Haha... belasah je buat term sendiri.

The choices are plenty. From the normal fried fish, fried chicken, chicken curry, fish curry, chicken kurma, all types "masak lemak", daging masak kicap to the signature dishes like ikan patin masak tempoyak, fresh water grilled fish like ikan terubuk bakar, ikan keli bakar, talapia bakar, ikan perkasam and etc. They serve a variety of sayur and ulam kampung as well to go with the authentic sauces like tempoyak, budu, cencalok and all sort of other fermented stuffs.

The place is comfortable enough, the tables are set at the open space. No airconds for sure and the fans doesn't help much either. So don't be shy to sweat yourself out when you eat here. For that day the 3 of us had these:

Ikan patin masak tempoyak, perut with tomatoes and sayur.

Ikan keli bakar, pucuk paku masak lemak and hati lembu. And you can see Arianna is having fried chicken.

Add with air sirap, laici and limau ais, the total bill was rm15.20. Not bad huh? Considering the size of the fishes. They also sell ikan perkasam at the price of Rm10 for 3 packs which each pack has 3 to 4 pieces of ikan perkasam. The ikan perkasam is really good i tell you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nice piece of gadget

X: 101.082325 Y: 4.594191 = Mee Kicap Hj Daud Mat Jasak

X: 101.057890 Y: 4.615607 = Mee Kari Silibin

X: 100.596115 Y: 4.979233 = Cendol Pulut Hazar Tomyam Seafood

What the hell are these I am talking about??????

Haha.... remember this post?

Last Saturday on 14th June 2008, Wifey bought me a Father's Day cum Belated 27th Birthday Present. It is a.....

HTC TYTN II a.k.a HTC Kaiser !!!!

Woohooooooo!!!!!! The complete set with Bluetooth headset, 2GB MicroSD card, Car Holder and Car Charger. Loaded with the latest Malaysia and Singapore map and other softwares that I haven't managed to look into yet!

And for your information, the X and Y mentioned above are the coordinates to the good food location that we went to last weekend. It was a Jalan2 Cari Makan Trip to Ipoh which is extended to Semanggol and Bukit Mertajam.I will blog about those places later but lets dedicate this post to thank the loveliest persons in my life, Wifey and Arianna.

After years of "hinting" to get this gadget and thanks to the world for increasing the price of fuel, which makes my justification that we should waste petrol by getting lost on the road anymore .... finally Wifey rewarded me with this GPS + PDA + Phone! There's another gift together with the Kaiser, but since I haven't snap the picture of it, i'll save that for another post.

With her birthday coming up next month plus the new born coming insya Allah in October, it will be extremely hard for me to top this Kaiser. Come to think of it... she got it easy. I gave her tonnes of ideas for what I want... GPS lah, lens lah, sport shoes lah, wallet la... the list is endless. But of all the things in my list, she gave me the top of the list item.. that is priceless. Love you Wifey :) .

With this, I've croosed out my only wishlist for year 2008. So I can spend the next 5 months of this year without any purpose to buy anything. But hey... I have a Kaiser with me.. it'll take at least that long to fully explore all the capability of this gadget!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Toyota Service Center Subang Jaya

I went there to do the 70Km service for the Vios last week and yesterday noticed noisy sounds that a layman like me can't explain. Went there again today and found out there was a loose screw connecting the engine to the gear box. Biar betul weehh!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ubah Gaya Hidup

I was talking to Ayil recently about how expensive it is to get a foreign maid nowadays. The one time cost is around RM6-7. Ridiculous! But I need to get one as the new baby is coming I dont think that the current maid can cope with 2 houses, 2 families and 2 small kids. To take care of of the baby alone will consume too much of her time.

Unless we move to my parents house (which is what we are living in now since Wifey's morning sickness condition), sell the house in Ara Damansara and then I think we can survive with one maid. By this our family will be doing what our leaders want us to do. Change our lifestyle, be less dependent on foreign worker and spend money wisely. Meanwhile those leaders are still enjoying their 2 maids, 1 driver, 1 garderner, private yatch in some luxury marina somewhere, gateway homes overseas and their kids are living like some fucking spoilt brats.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Belkin Warranty Review

I'm sure all of you have read, reviewed and bitched about the recent fuel price hike. Too bad my 5% discount card is only valid until end of this month. Dunno what kind of benefit I will get when I join the supplier company on July.

As most of you might have noticed, we are getting lots of heavy rain in the past few days. Since my parents' house is located in a lightning prone area, we get this power surge quite often. I think this year alone I've repaired the computer twice and 3 days ago, the PC could not display anything again, and the LEDs on the network port are permanently lit. So I thought the motherboard got burned again and replaced it the day after.

So what is with this Belkin Connected Devices Warranty? I bought this thing called the Belkin Surge Master after the 2nd time I replaced the motherboard. My father got really fed up with this visits to Low Yat Plaza and decided to buy this RM199 gadget at Sri Computers. The beauty of this device that we bought is that it provides surge protection up to 75000 Amps of current spike! And if you connected devices is faulty due to lightning strike, they will cover the cost of the faulty device for the value up to RM25,000.

3 days ago, the motherboard was unlucky. Everything else is working fine after the rain, the phone, router/modem and RAM. So I called the Toll Free Tech Support Hotline for Malaysia 1800 81 2076, but I was routed to Bangalore, India Helpdesk! And they have no idea of this Belkin Connected Device Warranty. They gave me the number for the distributor in Malaysia which is AV Future (03 77832010). They passed me to Warranty department and I spoke to this guy named Jack. He said just replace the faulty motherboard and claim with them later. But he warned me that the insurance will only pay the current market price for the faulty device - same model that is. I have this Biostar motherboard which I bought at RM155 last March. I'm not sure the current market value for it now, but I've bought the replacement (Foxconn) for RM180.

Yesterday I called AV Future again and told them only my motherboard is faulty and I've bought the replacement. JAck told me to bring the Surge Protector and the faulty motherboard to their place in Taman Perindustrian OAG. When I reached that place, they printed some forms for me to sign and the best part is they replaced the Surge Protector with a new one. I told them that the device is not faulty, I still can use it but they insisted on replacing it. They told me that I will get a call from their accounts department to inform the current price of the faulty motherboard and arrange for reimbursement latest in 2 weeks time. As simple as that!

This is my 2nd experience with this Belkin Warranty. The previous one is with my Wireless Router, faulty also due to lightning strike! I sent it to the shop where I bought it, 3 weeks after that I got a new wireless router as a replacement. They did not repair my old router... gave me a new one, still in a box with plastic wrapping.

Belkin is well known for its high price in Malaysian market, but with this kind of service and warranty, I would not mind to pay more.

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