Monday, May 05, 2008

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A few days of not blogging. I was down with fever last week. At first it started off with sore throat last Monday and by Thursday I was diagnosed with tonsillitis. Not the type that I have to go for surgery to remove it but a 4-day course of antibiotics should set it off.

So on Labor day we went to Marisa's birthday party. Note: I purposely did not go to work and waste my per diem claim for working on a public holiday just to attend this birthday party.

On the 2nd of May, my father celebrates his 62nd birthday. We took him out for dinner at Marche.

Among the other thing that I've done last week was to give Tapai on my EPF details to withdraw the fund in Account 1 to be invested in unit trust. I told him to put it in Public Islamic Optimal Growth Fund. But knowing Tapai, I think there's a high chance that my money will be put in other fund and he will come up with some crappy reason and expect me to believe it as though as I do not know how to read and I don't have and get the same info as he does being his ex-downline in Public Mutual BUT since he is sort of tendering his resignation and trying to be a full time agent soon, I'm gonna show him a bit of support lah.

One more news to share with is that I've received my offer letter from the supplier company last Wednesday. They cut rm10 of my salary every month. And cut the performance bonus to half. Not a smart move to migrate to the new company huh? But do I have ay other choice besides finding a new job?

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theayil said...

ko keje 1 year kat AT&T n then apply HSMP keje kat UK ngan aku hahhaha
cv ko dah cukup impressive - keje ngan Shell IT & AT&T ngah ngah ngah

anyway - tenx ponteng keje just nak g party marisa!! kawan sejati niiii hahhaha

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