Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What we did today

Again "we" is referring to Me and Arianna. My parents decided to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (I'm sure Cheeps will come out with a review soon) at Sunway Pyramid with my brother and cousin. Being Arianna she would not let these people go without a fight! "Arianna pon nak tengok wayang!" she said. So the six of us went to Sunway Pyramid at 11am to catch the 11.30am movie. Knowing Arianna who is scared of the dark and I think the movie is rated 18SG, I decided to take Arianna lepak Sunway Pyramid to kill time.

Among the things that we did.

So by the time we get back into the car to head back home, she fell asleep. With candy from Famous Amos and donuts from J'Co, I am sure she is one happy kid today. She did not even had her lunch today :)

A tiring shift pattern

Today is my last out of 4 off day after a long 5 weeks working non stop. As confusing as it sounds, I still feel that I'm not fully recovered from the pain. I'm supposed to take my CCDA exam today. I tried to study the Pass4Sure "practice" questions last night, but half way through I don't think it's worth it. My colleague advised me to take it as the company will sponsor for the bill, after all this is the last month for us to enjoy the benefit from them before moving to the supplier company.

By the way, I've signed my acceptance to the offer made by the supplier company last 20th May. I've signed the resignation letter to my current employer and theoretically my notice period is one month. So by 21st June, I dun have to come to work as my report duty date would be on July 1st. I wish this is true.. I'm gonna check about it with my line manager.

So what did I do with my four days off? Sunday we went to a kenduri. Kenduri of my mother-in-law's cousin's daughter. Should be my wife's second cousin's wedding. Haha... among the good nasik minyak I had so far.

On Monday we did some banking. We means me and Arianna. Then we went to fetch Ibu/Wifey for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in KLCC.

On Tuesday I went for lunch with Wifey, Tapai and Ayil at Nasi Daun Pisang Bangsar. Apa ka nama kedai tu? Had a good talk and laugh as Tapai retracted his resignation letter. Hmm.. always knew his balls are not as big as Cipok used to described them to be. Then I went snooker with Ayil at Amcorp Mall. Gila lama tak main snooker! Since this is my blog, I'm gonna say "Aku belasah dia kaw-kaw bebbb!"

So today is Wednesday... no plans yet so far. I wish I can eat good fatty food.. like kambing bakar (as we missed Ayil's poisonous kambing aqiqah recently).

Here are some pictures of Arianna taken during my few days of not blogging.

Arianna tengah lompat. Ibu snap this.

Among the best smile captured of Arianna.

Kaftan bought by Opah in Terengganu.

Iskkk budak kecik ni... dah nak jadi Kak Long dah!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My little helper

Hey.. at least i can save RM 8!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Half Price Singapore Surprise

Lately Arianna has been asking us to take her to all sort of places. First she would say, "Jom pegi Singapore Tok", then she would ask her Ibu to take her to Genting Highlands and the most famous is to take her to Bandung. When we ask why Bandung, she would answer, "Nak beli baju untuk adik". Bila besar nanti confirm la pandai buat proposal paper. Justification always strong.

I think she misses traveling. Its been a while since we had our holiday trip. The last one was to Genting Highlands and since nowadays we spend our days and nights in my parents place, Arianna even misses her home in Ara Damansara. And with Wifey is about to get back to work next next Monday, I think its justifiable to take the family for a short trip.

Hopefully we can go for a 2 days 1 night trip. To celebrate Wifey's success in overcoming her all-day sickness, a "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" trip should be in order. So no overseas trip since we wont truly enjoy the food. As for now, Kuantan seems to be a reasonable choice. The distance is not far - 2 hours drive, familiar place and the main attraction will be Ikan Bakar Petai Tanjung Lumpur. Wifey did mention about Ikan Patin masak tempoyak in Temerloh, but I'm not a fan of patin nor tempoyak. The plan is to go on the 17th May and balik on the 18th. Anybody wanna join?

For those who are in the same boat which their holiday trip is long due, now is the best time to visit Singapore. If your budget permits that is. From 23rd May till 30th June, Malaysian with Malaysian passport can enjoy 50% off on all of their participating attractions in Singapore such as the Zoo, Night Safari, Cable Car, Sentosa Island and etc. Click the link for details. Its either 50% off for paying in Singapore Dollars or you can opt to pay full price but in Malaysian Ringgit. For example the Singapore Zoo, entrance fee for adult is S$16.50 and children S$8.50. Imagine if your family of 2 adults and 1 child is going to the great Singapore Zoo, it will cost at least S$41.50 and times 2.2 = RM91.30. Plus food, drinks and souvenir.. senang2 cecah RM150. But with this offer, you'll be paying RM41.50 for entrance. Campur makan, minum semua tak sampai RM100 kot!

For those who has a decent budget and wants to stay in Concorde Hotel Singapore, here is a map sketched by a Cari Forum member for my trip to Singapore last year. Click on the picture to get a bigger size image. The map is for those who wants to take the Second Link Highway which will enter Singapore via Tuas. Jalan lain aku tatau la. Plus i did not drive when I was in Singapore. I parked the car at the hotel and used the public transport to move around the island. Wait till I get my GPS device, then I'll try driving in the city :)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Post With Pictures

A few days of not blogging. I was down with fever last week. At first it started off with sore throat last Monday and by Thursday I was diagnosed with tonsillitis. Not the type that I have to go for surgery to remove it but a 4-day course of antibiotics should set it off.

So on Labor day we went to Marisa's birthday party. Note: I purposely did not go to work and waste my per diem claim for working on a public holiday just to attend this birthday party.

On the 2nd of May, my father celebrates his 62nd birthday. We took him out for dinner at Marche.

Among the other thing that I've done last week was to give Tapai on my EPF details to withdraw the fund in Account 1 to be invested in unit trust. I told him to put it in Public Islamic Optimal Growth Fund. But knowing Tapai, I think there's a high chance that my money will be put in other fund and he will come up with some crappy reason and expect me to believe it as though as I do not know how to read and I don't have and get the same info as he does being his ex-downline in Public Mutual BUT since he is sort of tendering his resignation and trying to be a full time agent soon, I'm gonna show him a bit of support lah.

One more news to share with is that I've received my offer letter from the supplier company last Wednesday. They cut rm10 of my salary every month. And cut the performance bonus to half. Not a smart move to migrate to the new company huh? But do I have ay other choice besides finding a new job?

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