Monday, April 21, 2008

Short nap in Langkawi

So that Saturday morning I woke up at 4am, take a quick bath and head straight to the office. We are supposed to meet up at 5am for breakfast and registration. Everything went well, the journey to LCCT was good, the flight to Langkawi was not delayed and we reached the hotel at 9.30am. The organizer gave some briefing on how the trip is going to be and we are split into groups for games and telematches. After that is settled, we are allowed to check in to our rooms while waiting for lunch. I slept for about an hour.

By 12pm I went down to lunch and that is when someone called saying that she was not feeling well and vomitted. She was on the way to the hospital to give it a check. Hmm.. that kind of condition doesnt sound good huh?

Not feeling good about it .. I decided to tell the organizer as well as my boss that I'm cutting my trip short. Told them the situation, and they agreed that the trip wont be fun for me while someone is sick back home. So before the evening half day tour around Langkawi started, they dropped me off to the airport and my boss was very kind to follow me to make sure that I have a ticket back home. Settled the procurement of flight ticket, and Im set to go back to KL on the 5.35pm flight. It was a nice 1 hour nap in Langkawi I would say.

Reached LCCT at 6.35pm and I took the taxi back to fetch my at the office. And by 8.30pm, I'm at Darul Ehsan Medical Center room Ruby to visit her.

Not her.

The pretty lady sitting to her that is.

Wifey is in for high fever and dehydration. The doctor said, if the mother is feverish the baby will catch the fever as well. But the ultrasound scan shows the heart is still beating.

So today is Monday. The 4th day Wifey is admitted and the doctor concluded that the fever started off with a viral fever, then with a weak body bacteria comes in to infect the throat and now Wifey is on antibiotic to clear the throat infection. Hopefully by then the fever will go off together and Wifey is able to come back home tomorrow :)

Thanks for the friends and family who came to visit. Farul did come on Saturday even though he has a show to perform that night in Putrajaya. I just managed to capture the semi final backdrops. He qualified to the finals.

Ayil & family and Tapai came on Saturday as well. You guys are the best! Surprisingly Ceng was there too on Saturday evening despite having to go out with his brother to do I dunno what! Thanks Ceng.. ko lah kawan sejati!

So basically that's it. Im going to inform my boss that Im going to be on EL for at least 2 days. And if you guys are wondering how was the Away Day.. dun ask me. I just can tell you that the flight was good and the room was cozy :)


obi said...

owh patut laa..

qz this time even worse pregnancy effect? uhh... get well soon!

headsteadi said...

hope the mrs is ok. Do shout if there is anything we could help with

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