Thursday, April 17, 2008

Off to Langkawi

tomorrow morning 5am i'll be heading to the office to gather before flying to langkawi. i'll be leaving arianna and wifey behind for 2 nights for our department away day. i heard that we are going to stay in langkasuka hotel. have a half day island tour, play some volleyball and telematch, have dinners and balik.

i'm a bit half hearted on this trip as wifey is not very well. i did tell the organizer about it but since they say its compulsory, i just have to hope that arianna can take care of her mother while im gone.
furthermore, today wifey already puked twice and she caught a bit of fever. macam tak bagi pegi je kan?

i dun look forward that much for this trip. after all its just langkawi. for a guy who doesnt drink and smoke, buang masa je lah. but the volleyball game should be interesting :)

have a pleasant weekend people.

1 comment:

headsteadi said...

so how was the away day. im not going for the 2nd batch. malas la gua!

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