Friday, April 25, 2008

Let's start making money while blogging

After a few years of blog hopping, I found out an amazing way to earn income simply by blogging. With the transparency and the rate of informations traveling via the World Wide Web, people nowadays rely more on the internet rather than newspapers and books for information.

Companies big and small are now setting up the web portals for their advertisements and marketing and the next step is blog marketing. PayPerPost is one of the medium for advertisers and bloggers to run this concept of blog marketing.

As a blogger, what I like about PayPerPost is their vast options of opportunities. There are many items to blog about and most of it are related to my interest. All this while I've been blogging about gadgets, photography, child care, food and traveling and not getting a cent out of it, now I am able to pick up certain items to blog about and get paid for it.

The most attractive feature on PayPerPost is that there is no minimum payment. You get paid once your post is approved. Payment will be made to the Paypal account and the good thing about Paypal is that it is free to setup and there are many internet merchants who accept Paypal payment.

Once you register to become a PayPerPost blogger, it'll take them less than one week to validate your blog. They don't mind if you have other advertisement on your blog. Once your blog is approved, it's time to make money from your blog!

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