Sunday, April 27, 2008

Karmila Hotel Bandung

As I am now into blog marketing and making money while blogging, I've subscribed to services like Google Analytics and Nuffnang. From there I can see how people get to come to my blog. And for some reason most of the search is for "Hotel Karmila Bandung". Some of the visitors to this page even sent me e-mail on the contact number and the rates of the hotel.

Well lets make a deal. I reveal the phone number of this hotel, and you guys who find this article beneficial will click on one of those adverts appearing in the blog and better still you guys put in my blog in your link of "favorite blogs". Haha just kidding lah.. enjoy the review guys!

Hotel Karmila Bandung
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda
No. 32 (Dago)
Bandung 40116

Tel: (022) 4206778 , 4209627 [For IDD call should be +62 22 420 6778 or +62 22 420 9627]
Fax: (022) 4209628

I cant remember the rates for all the rooms but the room that I stayed in which I think is the Double Deluxe is priced at Rp. 320,000 per night. They do not practice any surcharge for weekend if I'm not mistaken. Why do I choose that room? The main reason is because the room has a refrigerator. For your information the refrigerator is not one of the standard facility provided in the guest room in Bandung. Since I brought Arianna who at that time is not even 2 years old yet, a refrigerator is important to keep her food and comfort food like jelly, chocolate and even ice-cream.

For a room which is price at around RM150 per night and I get a queen bed, air conditioner and hot water, I'm happy enough. Another reminder is that, they do not provide kettle in the room for you to boil water but you can request for hot water and they'll send you the hot water in a flask. For me, I brought my own kettle as its not going to be easy if I were to call for them to send hot water every time Arianna wants her milk.

The hotel is a 5 storey building, it has an elevator but taking the stairs is not that tiring lah. But the downside for a low rise hotel is that there are mosquitoes at night. I've been warned before while I was surveying the hotel via the internet but I did not prepare for it. So in the end I bought a vape kind mosquito repellent or in simpler Bahasa Melayu term is ubat nyamuk. To get it is very easy, there is a supermarket a few blocks away from the hotel. About 75 meters walk you'll reach a supermarket. For those who is very fussy that they need to have fresh cooked food, they can get their supply of eggs, cheese, rice, flour, milk and etc from there. If you guys wanna take back a carton of Teh Botol also... you can get it there.

The best part of staying in a hotel located in Jalan Dago is that the Factory Outlets (FOs) are mostly there. In my experience, the traffic jam in Bandung is the worst during weekends. According to the locals even people from Jakarta will come down to Bandung on Saturday and Sunday for their shopping. So for those who already made their booking to fly to Bandung and stay there over the weekend, I really suggest to stay in a hotel where its walking distance to the FOs. To me from Karmila Hotel to the FOs in Jalan Dago is walkable. You'll break some sweat and even more on your way back with lots of paper bags to carry, but its worth the effort.

So take my advise. Make an early booking if you decided to stay in Karmila Hotel, Give them a call and they'll require you to make an advance payment. They do accept all the major credit cards.

Lastly, their breakfast is just so-so. But hey, I never heard people giving good reviews on any hotel breakfast before. Enjoy your trip to Bandung people!


headsteadi said...

Stick in some photos of the hotel bro. I might stay there too. Planning a trip to Bandung later this yr.

Anonymous said...

Be careful with that hotel. Check this before you make your decision:

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