Friday, April 04, 2008

Kak Long

Sorry guys and girls if my choice of words had caused you to think that the upcoming baby is a boy. It's just that the way the doctor described the baby and keep on saying "he is waving at us", "he knows that we are watching him", that I too malas nak letak his/her is my previous post.

Yeah we are praying for a healthy boy so that Wifey can "tutup kedai". But the way I look at it, with her current pregnancy status I think she'll tutup kedai even if a girl pop out in October!

Boy or girl wont matter much too me... cause I know the baby already has a good Kak Long to guide him or her in the future.


Anonymous said...

oh!! she will make a fantastic Kak long! Congrats!

rumet said...


headsteadi said...

so cute!!!!

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