Saturday, April 26, 2008

Income Tax Declaration

I managed to submit my e-BE form 2 days ago. And yesterday I helped out my dad to fill in his e-filing. This is the first time he is doing it online. I've started using e-filing since it was introduced 3 years ago. Since then my annual income requires me to pay tax but with the blessing of zakat, I managed to get a bit of rebate. Same as the previous years, this year I'll be getting around rm600+ of cash. According to our Internal Revenue Board for those who declared using e-filing, the rebate should be processed in two weeks time. For those illiterate IT taxpayers who still declare using paper and continue to support forest cutting, they committed to process their dispute in 1 month time.

This year I spent a bit more time on declaring my income. I have 2 EA forms to start with. Then I have a few stocks that I bought last year that gave out some dividend. Then I put in the insurance, book purchase and computer purchase for tax deduction which I never bothered to declare before. As long as I dont have to fork out more money to pay any taxes, then its time well spent lah!

On a different note, Ayil sent me a SMS saying that Esah successfully gave birth to a baby girl last night 25th April 2008. Congratulations!

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headsteadi said...

gua kene bayor 2K siot. tengah panas ni ...

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