Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy

I have this drafted on the 12th April 2008 :


She's 52 years old today! -28 = 24 (The age when she gave birth to me). Had to celebrate her birthday one day earlier as she is going to Surabaya today with my dad. Its gonna be 4 days holiday trip. Its a treat for her and them as well for the 1 month hard work surviving without the maid. One day after the maid came back, they "cabut" to Surabaya! haha


She's doing fine. Her kind of fine that is. Hope that she get a well rested unpaid leave lah.


Her caretaker is back. Jual mahal... minum susu pon tanak dengan Ibu die dah.

But this is my update on 14th April 2008:

The parents did not go to Surabaya. The flights was delayed for more than 6 hours. Apparently they could not start up the aircraft engine. And they are waiting for the flight from Jakarta to touchdown in LCCT to bring them to Surabaya. My mom said.. "forget it! Im not going to spend my birthday at the airport." So picked them up after I finished my shift that evening.

Before I left te office, I got an SMS from Ayil that he is going to sell off his condo and car. For what reason? I heard he lost lots of money in Genting. And he tried to jump off the Genting Hotel but caught the safety net instead.

No lah... you guys can call him to know better. Anyway he set up 2 websites to advertise his car and house. Check it out here:

My personal comment on these items for sale is its a great value for money. You guys should take note how much they spent on renovating and decorating the house. I myself might consider poisoning Wifey to buy the house :) And for the car, its a ex-government car. So you guys should should know how the government maintain their official car. Sent it to high class service center, managed by Spanco and all (to justify how they want to "songlap" the money). I bet you guys wont hae any problem maintaining the car after this. If I havent bought my new "rear wheel bearing defected" car, i too would poison Wifey to get this car for me.

Ok guys! Enjoy week 15 of year 2008!

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