Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad

Woke up this morning and wifey told me that we are going for lunch in Midvalley today. Why? My brother said, "Its Mummy and Daddy's wedding anniversary". Hah... I never take note on the date. I dun even know how long they have been married in fact. But by logic, since Im turning 28 this year, this should be their 29th anniversary. Honeymoon lama? My dad got married at the age of 32. I doubt that they want to wait any longer to get a handsome son like me. Im not sure condom was even invented in 1979.

Well i do not know much on my parents history. Mostly because I'm too shy to ask. Some of the things about them, I know it from Wifey. I get to know that my mum miscarried during her first pregnancy through Wifey. If not I wouldn't be the "anak sulong". Hehe.

We did not go to Midvalley for lunch but we went to TGIF Section14 instead. Initially I wanted to take them to Lobsterman SS2, but by the time we reached the restaurant, its already closed for their lunch time. I had a Friday's Burger. Not bad lah the food there. Wont write much on that place as Im sure loads of bloggers have reviewed the place.

Anyway... Happy Anniversary Mummy and Daddy. Next year gonna be 30 years of marriage. 10 times longer than mine. Congrats!

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headsteadi said...

wa pun x ingat my parents punya anniv. apa daaaa

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