Friday, April 11, 2008


Wifey get to go back home yesterday as the drip treatment did not improve her health that much. The doctor suspected that it could be due to viral or bacteria infection. But apparently the urine and blood test came out clean. The doctor wanted Wifey to stay warded for another night last nite but she just couldn't take the boredom anymore. Hence I have to come to work today as I dont have a solid reason not to come.

But Wifey, she is at home. She on unpaid leave until she gets better. Feel free to visit her :)

Thanks to Ephol, Tapai, Farul and Ayil for coming to the hospital to visit yesterday. And Farul, thanks for the lunch! Hehehe.. I know you are gonna get into trouble by me saying that :)

1 comment:

headsteadi said...

Wish her speedy recovery for me. Kalau x sihat ko ambik ler cuti. Bos pun paham ...

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