Sunday, April 27, 2008

Karmila Hotel Bandung

As I am now into blog marketing and making money while blogging, I've subscribed to services like Google Analytics and Nuffnang. From there I can see how people get to come to my blog. And for some reason most of the search is for "Hotel Karmila Bandung". Some of the visitors to this page even sent me e-mail on the contact number and the rates of the hotel.

Well lets make a deal. I reveal the phone number of this hotel, and you guys who find this article beneficial will click on one of those adverts appearing in the blog and better still you guys put in my blog in your link of "favorite blogs". Haha just kidding lah.. enjoy the review guys!

Hotel Karmila Bandung
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda
No. 32 (Dago)
Bandung 40116

Tel: (022) 4206778 , 4209627 [For IDD call should be +62 22 420 6778 or +62 22 420 9627]
Fax: (022) 4209628

I cant remember the rates for all the rooms but the room that I stayed in which I think is the Double Deluxe is priced at Rp. 320,000 per night. They do not practice any surcharge for weekend if I'm not mistaken. Why do I choose that room? The main reason is because the room has a refrigerator. For your information the refrigerator is not one of the standard facility provided in the guest room in Bandung. Since I brought Arianna who at that time is not even 2 years old yet, a refrigerator is important to keep her food and comfort food like jelly, chocolate and even ice-cream.

For a room which is price at around RM150 per night and I get a queen bed, air conditioner and hot water, I'm happy enough. Another reminder is that, they do not provide kettle in the room for you to boil water but you can request for hot water and they'll send you the hot water in a flask. For me, I brought my own kettle as its not going to be easy if I were to call for them to send hot water every time Arianna wants her milk.

The hotel is a 5 storey building, it has an elevator but taking the stairs is not that tiring lah. But the downside for a low rise hotel is that there are mosquitoes at night. I've been warned before while I was surveying the hotel via the internet but I did not prepare for it. So in the end I bought a vape kind mosquito repellent or in simpler Bahasa Melayu term is ubat nyamuk. To get it is very easy, there is a supermarket a few blocks away from the hotel. About 75 meters walk you'll reach a supermarket. For those who is very fussy that they need to have fresh cooked food, they can get their supply of eggs, cheese, rice, flour, milk and etc from there. If you guys wanna take back a carton of Teh Botol also... you can get it there.

The best part of staying in a hotel located in Jalan Dago is that the Factory Outlets (FOs) are mostly there. In my experience, the traffic jam in Bandung is the worst during weekends. According to the locals even people from Jakarta will come down to Bandung on Saturday and Sunday for their shopping. So for those who already made their booking to fly to Bandung and stay there over the weekend, I really suggest to stay in a hotel where its walking distance to the FOs. To me from Karmila Hotel to the FOs in Jalan Dago is walkable. You'll break some sweat and even more on your way back with lots of paper bags to carry, but its worth the effort.

So take my advise. Make an early booking if you decided to stay in Karmila Hotel, Give them a call and they'll require you to make an advance payment. They do accept all the major credit cards.

Lastly, their breakfast is just so-so. But hey, I never heard people giving good reviews on any hotel breakfast before. Enjoy your trip to Bandung people!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Income Tax Declaration

I managed to submit my e-BE form 2 days ago. And yesterday I helped out my dad to fill in his e-filing. This is the first time he is doing it online. I've started using e-filing since it was introduced 3 years ago. Since then my annual income requires me to pay tax but with the blessing of zakat, I managed to get a bit of rebate. Same as the previous years, this year I'll be getting around rm600+ of cash. According to our Internal Revenue Board for those who declared using e-filing, the rebate should be processed in two weeks time. For those illiterate IT taxpayers who still declare using paper and continue to support forest cutting, they committed to process their dispute in 1 month time.

This year I spent a bit more time on declaring my income. I have 2 EA forms to start with. Then I have a few stocks that I bought last year that gave out some dividend. Then I put in the insurance, book purchase and computer purchase for tax deduction which I never bothered to declare before. As long as I dont have to fork out more money to pay any taxes, then its time well spent lah!

On a different note, Ayil sent me a SMS saying that Esah successfully gave birth to a baby girl last night 25th April 2008. Congratulations!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Let's start making money while blogging

After a few years of blog hopping, I found out an amazing way to earn income simply by blogging. With the transparency and the rate of informations traveling via the World Wide Web, people nowadays rely more on the internet rather than newspapers and books for information.

Companies big and small are now setting up the web portals for their advertisements and marketing and the next step is blog marketing. PayPerPost is one of the medium for advertisers and bloggers to run this concept of blog marketing.

As a blogger, what I like about PayPerPost is their vast options of opportunities. There are many items to blog about and most of it are related to my interest. All this while I've been blogging about gadgets, photography, child care, food and traveling and not getting a cent out of it, now I am able to pick up certain items to blog about and get paid for it.

The most attractive feature on PayPerPost is that there is no minimum payment. You get paid once your post is approved. Payment will be made to the Paypal account and the good thing about Paypal is that it is free to setup and there are many internet merchants who accept Paypal payment.

Once you register to become a PayPerPost blogger, it'll take them less than one week to validate your blog. They don't mind if you have other advertisement on your blog. Once your blog is approved, it's time to make money from your blog!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Discharged Part 2

Hopefully I dont have to update "Discharged Part 3,4,5,6......" until October. The doctor released her to go back home after monitoring the temperature for 24hours. In Cisco terms, you do a "show temp" or "show env all" if the temperature is "OK" then we can close the ticket. In Wifey's situation the temperture should not exceed 38 degree Celcius.

So last night Arianna managed to get her sleeping partner back after spending the previous 4 nights with her grandparents.

Pictures taken on February 2008.

It seems that Arianna's body clock has gone crazy as though as she's travelling across different time zone everyday. Last night she slept at 10pm and havent woke up as Im writing this. The night before she slept at 6.30pm and woke up at 7am in the morning. Three nights before she slept at12pm and woke up at 7am. And her day nap time could last between 30 minutes to 6 hours. She must have an interesting lifestyle huh?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Short nap in Langkawi

So that Saturday morning I woke up at 4am, take a quick bath and head straight to the office. We are supposed to meet up at 5am for breakfast and registration. Everything went well, the journey to LCCT was good, the flight to Langkawi was not delayed and we reached the hotel at 9.30am. The organizer gave some briefing on how the trip is going to be and we are split into groups for games and telematches. After that is settled, we are allowed to check in to our rooms while waiting for lunch. I slept for about an hour.

By 12pm I went down to lunch and that is when someone called saying that she was not feeling well and vomitted. She was on the way to the hospital to give it a check. Hmm.. that kind of condition doesnt sound good huh?

Not feeling good about it .. I decided to tell the organizer as well as my boss that I'm cutting my trip short. Told them the situation, and they agreed that the trip wont be fun for me while someone is sick back home. So before the evening half day tour around Langkawi started, they dropped me off to the airport and my boss was very kind to follow me to make sure that I have a ticket back home. Settled the procurement of flight ticket, and Im set to go back to KL on the 5.35pm flight. It was a nice 1 hour nap in Langkawi I would say.

Reached LCCT at 6.35pm and I took the taxi back to fetch my at the office. And by 8.30pm, I'm at Darul Ehsan Medical Center room Ruby to visit her.

Not her.

The pretty lady sitting to her that is.

Wifey is in for high fever and dehydration. The doctor said, if the mother is feverish the baby will catch the fever as well. But the ultrasound scan shows the heart is still beating.

So today is Monday. The 4th day Wifey is admitted and the doctor concluded that the fever started off with a viral fever, then with a weak body bacteria comes in to infect the throat and now Wifey is on antibiotic to clear the throat infection. Hopefully by then the fever will go off together and Wifey is able to come back home tomorrow :)

Thanks for the friends and family who came to visit. Farul did come on Saturday even though he has a show to perform that night in Putrajaya. I just managed to capture the semi final backdrops. He qualified to the finals.

Ayil & family and Tapai came on Saturday as well. You guys are the best! Surprisingly Ceng was there too on Saturday evening despite having to go out with his brother to do I dunno what! Thanks Ceng.. ko lah kawan sejati!

So basically that's it. Im going to inform my boss that Im going to be on EL for at least 2 days. And if you guys are wondering how was the Away Day.. dun ask me. I just can tell you that the flight was good and the room was cozy :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Off to Langkawi

tomorrow morning 5am i'll be heading to the office to gather before flying to langkawi. i'll be leaving arianna and wifey behind for 2 nights for our department away day. i heard that we are going to stay in langkasuka hotel. have a half day island tour, play some volleyball and telematch, have dinners and balik.

i'm a bit half hearted on this trip as wifey is not very well. i did tell the organizer about it but since they say its compulsory, i just have to hope that arianna can take care of her mother while im gone.
furthermore, today wifey already puked twice and she caught a bit of fever. macam tak bagi pegi je kan?

i dun look forward that much for this trip. after all its just langkawi. for a guy who doesnt drink and smoke, buang masa je lah. but the volleyball game should be interesting :)

have a pleasant weekend people.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy

I have this drafted on the 12th April 2008 :


She's 52 years old today! -28 = 24 (The age when she gave birth to me). Had to celebrate her birthday one day earlier as she is going to Surabaya today with my dad. Its gonna be 4 days holiday trip. Its a treat for her and them as well for the 1 month hard work surviving without the maid. One day after the maid came back, they "cabut" to Surabaya! haha


She's doing fine. Her kind of fine that is. Hope that she get a well rested unpaid leave lah.


Her caretaker is back. Jual mahal... minum susu pon tanak dengan Ibu die dah.

But this is my update on 14th April 2008:

The parents did not go to Surabaya. The flights was delayed for more than 6 hours. Apparently they could not start up the aircraft engine. And they are waiting for the flight from Jakarta to touchdown in LCCT to bring them to Surabaya. My mom said.. "forget it! Im not going to spend my birthday at the airport." So picked them up after I finished my shift that evening.

Before I left te office, I got an SMS from Ayil that he is going to sell off his condo and car. For what reason? I heard he lost lots of money in Genting. And he tried to jump off the Genting Hotel but caught the safety net instead.

No lah... you guys can call him to know better. Anyway he set up 2 websites to advertise his car and house. Check it out here:

My personal comment on these items for sale is its a great value for money. You guys should take note how much they spent on renovating and decorating the house. I myself might consider poisoning Wifey to buy the house :) And for the car, its a ex-government car. So you guys should should know how the government maintain their official car. Sent it to high class service center, managed by Spanco and all (to justify how they want to "songlap" the money). I bet you guys wont hae any problem maintaining the car after this. If I havent bought my new "rear wheel bearing defected" car, i too would poison Wifey to get this car for me.

Ok guys! Enjoy week 15 of year 2008!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Wifey get to go back home yesterday as the drip treatment did not improve her health that much. The doctor suspected that it could be due to viral or bacteria infection. But apparently the urine and blood test came out clean. The doctor wanted Wifey to stay warded for another night last nite but she just couldn't take the boredom anymore. Hence I have to come to work today as I dont have a solid reason not to come.

But Wifey, she is at home. She on unpaid leave until she gets better. Feel free to visit her :)

Thanks to Ephol, Tapai, Farul and Ayil for coming to the hospital to visit yesterday. And Farul, thanks for the lunch! Hehehe.. I know you are gonna get into trouble by me saying that :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Wifey is admitted to the hospital. Doctor said its best for her to go for a drip course. I came back to pick up her toothbrush.

Pray for her health!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad

Woke up this morning and wifey told me that we are going for lunch in Midvalley today. Why? My brother said, "Its Mummy and Daddy's wedding anniversary". Hah... I never take note on the date. I dun even know how long they have been married in fact. But by logic, since Im turning 28 this year, this should be their 29th anniversary. Honeymoon lama? My dad got married at the age of 32. I doubt that they want to wait any longer to get a handsome son like me. Im not sure condom was even invented in 1979.

Well i do not know much on my parents history. Mostly because I'm too shy to ask. Some of the things about them, I know it from Wifey. I get to know that my mum miscarried during her first pregnancy through Wifey. If not I wouldn't be the "anak sulong". Hehe.

We did not go to Midvalley for lunch but we went to TGIF Section14 instead. Initially I wanted to take them to Lobsterman SS2, but by the time we reached the restaurant, its already closed for their lunch time. I had a Friday's Burger. Not bad lah the food there. Wont write much on that place as Im sure loads of bloggers have reviewed the place.

Anyway... Happy Anniversary Mummy and Daddy. Next year gonna be 30 years of marriage. 10 times longer than mine. Congrats!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Kak Long

Sorry guys and girls if my choice of words had caused you to think that the upcoming baby is a boy. It's just that the way the doctor described the baby and keep on saying "he is waving at us", "he knows that we are watching him", that I too malas nak letak his/her is my previous post.

Yeah we are praying for a healthy boy so that Wifey can "tutup kedai". But the way I look at it, with her current pregnancy status I think she'll tutup kedai even if a girl pop out in October!

Boy or girl wont matter much too me... cause I know the baby already has a good Kak Long to guide him or her in the future.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

thirteen weeks old

went to the clinic just now and manage to see the baby wave his hands towards us. what a great feeling.

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