Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Past One Month

Setelah sebulan tidak mengemaskini laman blog peribadi ini, pagi ini saya terdetik untuk mengambil kesempatan bangun awal untuk memeriahkan hari pembaca sekalian dengan mengemaskinikan laman blog ini.

See... my Malay writing is not half bad compared to my English writing... right?

1) Got the new car! Black Savvy Lite AMT. Every fill up of fuel costs around rm50 - rm60 and would run for 400-450km. I'm loving it! Imagine if I service my car every 10,000km, I'll be visiting the service center once in every 20 visits to the petrol kiosk.

2) I'm ITIL Foundation Certified! The company sponsored the training and exam. Three days course including exam day. Kacang gile lah wey! Takyah study pon boleh pass.... I heard that my previous company only has 1 ITIL Certified staff.. my ex boss. Hmm.. Masa terbaik untuk rampasan kuasa ni!

So far those two achievements are not fore casted in my 2008 resolution. Tapi bayang-bayang GPS ni belum nampak lagi.

3) We went to Genting Highlands. To celebrate Wifey's return from a 10-days outstation trip all over the peninsular following the LeTourDeLangkawi. The above picture was captured there. This time I bring the video cam along, leaving the 350D behind. So not much pictures from the pregnant lady's camera.

4) Did I mention pregnant lady just now?! Yerp.. the sperm managed to swim across the ocean, break the great wall of love and pursuit a journey to ... an egg. Following the calculation of the last menses date of 1st January, by October 7-8 2008 Arianna will be a Big Sista! Too bad we found out the news when Wifey is away during the LTDL trip.

5) With that, we've to a conclusion that the current house we are staying in is a bit too small for a family of 4 + 1 maid. We are looking at Shah Alam as our next breeding nest. Section 13 looks calm and quite with lots of amenities. Next action plan.. where to find rm300k? Hmmmm... I'm not going to get my GPS this year huh?

6) Pregnancy wise, this time Wifey's all day sickness is worse compared to the last pregnancy. She is now taking the whole carry forward leave she has and that will sustain until 23rd March or something. And she already got a doctor's letter to request for unpaid leave. Pity her huh? She's not eating well. My dad checked her blood pressure the other day and it was very very low. Any of you knows any tips... do give her a buzz.. She'll be at home all day long.If you are good in cooking, giving her a taste of your cooking will help her a lot. She like something soft.

7) Last but not least, I'm entitled for a bonus and increment for the 3 months service in the new company. Good huh? I've served my previous company for 9 months... skit pon tanak bagi pro rate kat aku. Kerja tempat baru 3 bulan... dapat gak bonus! With that... I'm officially announcing that I'm back in the job seeking hobby. I like the current working environment, the shift pattern where I have lots of time for myself but I'm sick of the ticket loads that I'm getting every shift. Any position for a Network Engineer with 5 years of Project Management and 5 months of Network Support experience, do let me know okay! I'll share the employee referral reward with you .. 50-50!

Well I guess that's it for the past one month.
See you next month!


effa said...

qz + rumet, congratssss!!! ;) bestnya arianna nk dpt adik!

nurulqz said...

Im number 6??????

Hello? This will cost u ur GPS!!!

See? Dont simply mess with pregnant and highly hormonal woman!!!

nurulqz said...

btw... thanks effa...

best tuh mmg best.. just have to get over this nonstop all day sickness out of the way 1st!!

theayil said...

ko mmg tak keje la ni qz?
ape lagiiii.. snukkkkkk la jommm

Farra said...

syoknya nak tambah lg sorangg

Julie said...

qz dearie, congrats!! berjangkit from esah la ni.. siannye sampai kene take leave.. eat the vitamins, at least.. it's still ok if u didn't eat much, but the baby needs to grow.. take milk, yogurt, or apa2 jer yg qz boleh telan.. take care darling..

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