Friday, March 28, 2008

New Shift Pattern

Today is the last day of the 1st week of the new working pattern. From now on its gonna be 2 days AP shift, 2 days EU shift and 2 days AM shift. And we'll get 4 straight days off! The last part is nice huh? but the 6 continous days of looking at the tickets.... well, this week 2 of my colleagues have taken their MC. Halfway through the week, I was thinking of the same thing. Tapi memandangkan 4 hari cuti lepas ni... tahan la jugak.

Plus I'm saving the leaves and MCs for emergency use. We went to see the Guy-Knee last week. Its seems that the baby is fine. The mother is also fine in medical terms. But Wifey doesnt feel well. She puked once.. it was very nasty. Pity her. The all-day sickness seems worst than the previous pregnancy. Maybe its a boy huh? Or a more hyper girl compared to Arianna? Haha...

Anyway.. hopefully I can make her comfortable and happy for the next 4 days. During my working days I cant do much, I'm so lethargic nowadays. Apa nak buat aaa long weekend ni?

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