Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Banking Day

After surviving 45 days without any income as the salary for February was paid in the middle of the month in conjunction of festive season, I managed to see more than 2 digits on my account last night. Too bad the digits missed their normal 2 digits so much that they decided to get back to their condition a day after that.

It's okay lah. Rumors has it that our friend is getting a huge amount of bonus this year. I wonder if his statement to the director during this time last year has got something to do with it. But I would love to think that my resignation from the company has given him the good luck. Blah la weiii... aku ngan Ayil tade boleh la ko dapat 5! Tade competition! hahahah... Anyway congrats dude! We'll wait for the "open table" invitation patiently.

By the way... you guys are getting your ESOS soon huh? Cayolah... Note to Ayil: We are gonna get lots of free food this coming months.... bule save duit gi UK.

1 comment:

aisyahkins said...

Although my EDD shud be 11/5/08, i was given more or less abt 3 weeks to preparee..

Pls include me in all the makan2 sessionssssss

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