Friday, March 28, 2008

New Shift Pattern

Today is the last day of the 1st week of the new working pattern. From now on its gonna be 2 days AP shift, 2 days EU shift and 2 days AM shift. And we'll get 4 straight days off! The last part is nice huh? but the 6 continous days of looking at the tickets.... well, this week 2 of my colleagues have taken their MC. Halfway through the week, I was thinking of the same thing. Tapi memandangkan 4 hari cuti lepas ni... tahan la jugak.

Plus I'm saving the leaves and MCs for emergency use. We went to see the Guy-Knee last week. Its seems that the baby is fine. The mother is also fine in medical terms. But Wifey doesnt feel well. She puked once.. it was very nasty. Pity her. The all-day sickness seems worst than the previous pregnancy. Maybe its a boy huh? Or a more hyper girl compared to Arianna? Haha...

Anyway.. hopefully I can make her comfortable and happy for the next 4 days. During my working days I cant do much, I'm so lethargic nowadays. Apa nak buat aaa long weekend ni?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Banking Day

After surviving 45 days without any income as the salary for February was paid in the middle of the month in conjunction of festive season, I managed to see more than 2 digits on my account last night. Too bad the digits missed their normal 2 digits so much that they decided to get back to their condition a day after that.

It's okay lah. Rumors has it that our friend is getting a huge amount of bonus this year. I wonder if his statement to the director during this time last year has got something to do with it. But I would love to think that my resignation from the company has given him the good luck. Blah la weiii... aku ngan Ayil tade boleh la ko dapat 5! Tade competition! hahahah... Anyway congrats dude! We'll wait for the "open table" invitation patiently.

By the way... you guys are getting your ESOS soon huh? Cayolah... Note to Ayil: We are gonna get lots of free food this coming months.... bule save duit gi UK.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Arianna

We didn't plan to have a big celebration as Wifey is not feeling well nowadays. Initially we thought of just having lunch in Cheras and dinner in KJ. One day before Saturday, my mom decided to throw a party.

Its a small party, not all our relatives can make it coz it was too last minute. The usual friends were there that night. It was a good call to buy lots of balloons as they were having a wild balloon party that night.

Pictures? I did not have my camera gears that night. My dad's camera is out of battery. Harapkan Farul lah malam tu... hopefully he got a few great shots for us to share here.

Harapkan Cipok datang dengan D40 dia.... kerja la pulok!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

12th General Election

This post is just as a reminder to me that on 8th March 2008, the 12th General Election was held. I was supposed to vote, but I woke up at 4pm that day. I was working Friday and Saturday night. I thought what the hell, its just one vote. But I was damn shocked that Saturday night. It was the best night shift ever! With the companion of Malaysiakini of course.

It's not the result that I desired. I am too one of those who hates the BN government, not because I like the oppositions. Its just the leader of BN who is so hampeh! I just wished big guns like him to lose but the BN still win. But that night half of my wishes came through. Big guns like Samy Vellu, Koh Tsu Koon, Shahrizat lost!

Here are my opinions:

1) Samy Vellu lost because he's arrogant. People hated him for so long but he wouldn't take the hint. Hindraf was formed because of him. His good old friend, Lim Keng Yeik was smart enough to retire. He asked for his friend Samy to follow his steps, but no.. "Kalau saya letak jawatan, parti tiada ketua... kalau parti tiada ketua... kena bubarlah itu parti". Happy 72nd birthday... loser!

2) Pity Koh Tsu Koon, he is just starting to go for Federal post. Cant do much lah Tan Sri, the whole state went down to the oppositions.

3) Shahrizat lost to Nurul Izzah. With 14 ballot boxes not counted. Well.. Shahrizat could have won if they recount. But she could have lost even worst either.

4) The sad part is.. our Prime Minister did not resign from his post. Making him a more arrogant person. Forming a country with simple majority, as he is a simple guy, "Dah kalah... kalah lah, nak kata apa lagi"

With that, all the talk cock from BN to take over Kelantan was a failure, they lost even more seats in that state. Furthermore BN lost Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor. If KL have state seats to contest, they'll lose KL as well. Ini la orang melayu kata, "Yang di kejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran".

Well, we'll have to wait for another 4 years to see whether BN can redeem themselves of not. Arianna would be 6 years old by then. Just a nice timing for us to decide whether this country is a good place raise up a family in terms of education system, economy and safety. Now is the best time to save some money in case we need to migrate somewhere in the next 4-5 years.

Congratulations to the voters who voted the oppositions, you guys really made the Change a reality. Now is the Facing Change phase for all of us. I still see RM1.920 at the face of the petrol pump meter today... sigh!

Friday, March 07, 2008


I too have joined the Nuffnang community. Has been in the Ad sense game for quite sometime and haven't got a single cent out of it. Tak kesah lah... seronok-seronok saja!

At least my shutterstock is due for 2nd payment :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Past One Month

Setelah sebulan tidak mengemaskini laman blog peribadi ini, pagi ini saya terdetik untuk mengambil kesempatan bangun awal untuk memeriahkan hari pembaca sekalian dengan mengemaskinikan laman blog ini.

See... my Malay writing is not half bad compared to my English writing... right?

1) Got the new car! Black Savvy Lite AMT. Every fill up of fuel costs around rm50 - rm60 and would run for 400-450km. I'm loving it! Imagine if I service my car every 10,000km, I'll be visiting the service center once in every 20 visits to the petrol kiosk.

2) I'm ITIL Foundation Certified! The company sponsored the training and exam. Three days course including exam day. Kacang gile lah wey! Takyah study pon boleh pass.... I heard that my previous company only has 1 ITIL Certified staff.. my ex boss. Hmm.. Masa terbaik untuk rampasan kuasa ni!

So far those two achievements are not fore casted in my 2008 resolution. Tapi bayang-bayang GPS ni belum nampak lagi.

3) We went to Genting Highlands. To celebrate Wifey's return from a 10-days outstation trip all over the peninsular following the LeTourDeLangkawi. The above picture was captured there. This time I bring the video cam along, leaving the 350D behind. So not much pictures from the pregnant lady's camera.

4) Did I mention pregnant lady just now?! Yerp.. the sperm managed to swim across the ocean, break the great wall of love and pursuit a journey to ... an egg. Following the calculation of the last menses date of 1st January, by October 7-8 2008 Arianna will be a Big Sista! Too bad we found out the news when Wifey is away during the LTDL trip.

5) With that, we've to a conclusion that the current house we are staying in is a bit too small for a family of 4 + 1 maid. We are looking at Shah Alam as our next breeding nest. Section 13 looks calm and quite with lots of amenities. Next action plan.. where to find rm300k? Hmmmm... I'm not going to get my GPS this year huh?

6) Pregnancy wise, this time Wifey's all day sickness is worse compared to the last pregnancy. She is now taking the whole carry forward leave she has and that will sustain until 23rd March or something. And she already got a doctor's letter to request for unpaid leave. Pity her huh? She's not eating well. My dad checked her blood pressure the other day and it was very very low. Any of you knows any tips... do give her a buzz.. She'll be at home all day long.If you are good in cooking, giving her a taste of your cooking will help her a lot. She like something soft.

7) Last but not least, I'm entitled for a bonus and increment for the 3 months service in the new company. Good huh? I've served my previous company for 9 months... skit pon tanak bagi pro rate kat aku. Kerja tempat baru 3 bulan... dapat gak bonus! With that... I'm officially announcing that I'm back in the job seeking hobby. I like the current working environment, the shift pattern where I have lots of time for myself but I'm sick of the ticket loads that I'm getting every shift. Any position for a Network Engineer with 5 years of Project Management and 5 months of Network Support experience, do let me know okay! I'll share the employee referral reward with you .. 50-50!

Well I guess that's it for the past one month.
See you next month!

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