Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Scrap piece of metal

People always say, "TN ko tu .. jual kat kedai besi buruk pon tak laku!". In your face people! Proton is now giving RM5000 voucher for Protons which are 15 years and above of age. Guess how old is my TN? She is turning 17 years old this March. The year when most of us humans start to leave high school and begin their rebellious life towards their parents.

So before my car become rebellious towards me, I'm letting her go. Today I went to Puspakom to get a certification from them to verify that the car is having the original engine and chasis etc etc.

By the way, happy 1 year 10 months to Arianna. Sighh... I only have 16 years and 2 months left before I have to deal with a spoilt brat teenager who will be asking my permission to go out and watch midnight movie with her boyfriend, which I know watching movie is not the only thing that they'll do!

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