Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas Present

5 years of working with a subsidiary of a GLC, every year during Hari Raya we will get Ole-ole Raya. Usually it would be raya biscuits, dodol and sometimes serunding. By default, the biscuits are crap! It would take months after raya before I would finish it off (usually it'll end up in the dustbin). And we'll complaint this to the HR especially when we know that the supplies are coming from the bosses' wives and the company are paying lots of money for it. And the HR will answer, "Better than nothing right? Parent company tak dapat apa2 pon!".

I have worked with a MNC for 4 months now. And I'm lucky enough to experience Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas with them so far. For Hari Raya we didn't get any gift! Duhh.. MNC la.. mana kesah raya semua ni! But for Christmas all of us got this:

Not bad huh? Eventhough it costs only about RM 76 per piece... hey at least I can use this thing forever with 5 years warranty! 4GB ni weehhh!!!!! berapa banyak file .3gp artis/minister mesia bule masuk dalam tu hoi!

1 comment:

obiwan said...

uiks...seme org dapat ke?? aku igt Mark bagi aku sorang jer farewell present ker ape huhu...ciss

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