Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye VMY 2007 and Welcome Visit Indonesia Year 2008

So how was my 2007?

- Not to spend money on new gadgets, spend more time appreciating what I have in hand.
- Be a healthier person. Take care of my liver, cholesterol level and etc.

- I didn't buy new gadgets at all this year. Except for the PC which I am using now. I spent more time with the family, I think I managed to watch 1-2 Wifeys' movies this year.
- My health? I think I'm doing fine. Well the only medical check-up that I went for is the one for my onboarding to my new job. I'm working there now... so I think I'm healthy enough. Body weight? Hmm... I'll work on that next year lah.

Other achievements:
- Managed to shift to a better paying job.

The thing that I realized not until recently is how much we've travelled in 2007. Lets list them out:

1) Cameron Highlands 18022007
2) Kuantan 30032007
3) Kuala Terengganu & Kota Bharu 28042007
4) Awana Kijal 15062007
5) Port Dickson 28072007
6) Kota Kinabalu & Kundasang 23082007
7) Bandung 06092007
8) Hari Raya Trip back to Alor Star and Penang 14102007
9) Singapore 09122007
10) Penang 28122007

And this is only mentioning the trips that we went together (Wifey, Arianna and I). So basically at the age of 1 plus, Arianna has conquered 2 of the highest mountains in Malaysia, covered all the states in the East Coast (she even went to Kuantan twice), went to 2 overseas country and 2 islands. Not bad at all ... considering that she'll not remember a thing about all these trips in the future. And Wifey and I will have to go through all the trips all over again. Haha.

Holiday goals for 2008:
- Umrah
- At least 1 oversea trip covered by Air Asia.. haha
- Others will come naturally as the year goes by

Personal goal for 2008:
- To buy a gadget! A GPS unit. doesnt matter whether its a standalone unit, a PDA phone unit or a ICE unit.
- Better body weight + health. Do two full medical checkups!
- Love my wife and daughter more and much much more!

Enjoy your new year guys and gals!


asraf said...

bukan target ko this year nk jual saga tu ke? hehe

Anonymous said...

more babies?? tadak ke?

julie :)

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