Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Sale in Singapore!

Yeah I managed to drive to another country! Took annual leave on Sunday (sounds crazy huh?), finished work at 7am that Sunday morning (it cant be any crazier than this) and off we (Wifey,Arianna and I) go to Singapore. We reached Pan Pacific Singapore at around 7.30pm. I wont go into much detail on the process of getting into the country where you cant buy or sell chewing gum (but you can chew them), any of you wanna go and need help on the procedures, just give me a call/sms/e-mail/video call etc etc.

So the first night there was spent at Mustafa Center. Something like Mydin in Malaysia.

Great thing about Singapore is that they try to connect all the nearby buildings together. For example for every 3-4 buildings, they'll have a MRT station. So Pan Pacific Hotel is connected to Marina Square which is connected to Suntec Convention Center which is connected to Raffles City which is connected to the City Hall MRT station. So on Monday we went window shopping at Marina Square and half of Suntec. At night we tried to stroll around Raffles City but most of the shops closed early (by 9pm). Since we are already at the MRT station, we went for dinner at Lao Pa Sat. Basically one stop away from City Hall. There's a food court there.

Food wise, we didnt managed to try all the special delicacies of Singapore such as Murtabak Singapore and Sup Tulang, but I managed to get some Sugarcane with lemon drink and the Ayam Penyet.

Tuesday - Arianna's day! Well at least we tried our best to make it her day. We went to Singapore Zoo;recognized as mong the best zoo in the world. My original plan is to travel the Travel and Living way by taking the MRT to a station nearby and continue the journey to the zoo by bus. But since the walk to the MRT station alone will take around 20 minutes or so and I do have a premonition that I'll be doing a lot more of "heavyweight power walking" at the zoo, we decided to take the cab there.

The admission fee is SD16.50 per adult. Child less than 3 years old admits free of charge. You can opt for the tram ride (add in SD5.00) but we didnt since we are so fit... apa la sangat 2 km punya track! I jog 5km daily nowadays.

The zoo trip was worth it. Pity Arianna that we woke her up so early in the morning that she slept half way of the zoo trip. But she managed to watch the Elephant show, the only animal that she was looking forward to see... and giraffe, but she's already asleep when we reached the giraffe section.

This guy greeted us when we first enter the zoo. Amazing that they let this animal roaming around the zoo on top of the trees without any cage jailing them.



Kangaroo feeding. SD5.00 additional per family to feed the kangaroo.
I wonder why Wifey insisted for me to put this picture in the blog. What I see is the staff is giving the kangaroo food to them, and Wifey is looking down to I dunno what, and Arianna is looking at I dunno what.

Kesian Arianna

The focal point of this picture the the pair of shoes that Im wearing!

They somehow made the kangaroo mad.

Last but not least.. the baboons!

Conclusion of the Singapore trip, the stuffs are expensive. My Timberland t-shirt costs RM99 in Malaysia is SD129 over there! People say don't convert the currency when you buy, but it doesnt make sense when the price is higher even comparing dollar to dollar right?

If you are earing your paycheck in Singapore Dollars, then the food is cheap. Starbucks coffee costs SD4-5 per cup. The Ayam Penyet (rice, plain soup and 3 pieces of chicken wings) costs SD4.

Well, maybe we are spoilt with the Bandung trip. But for sure we'll go there again. This time we'll set our mind to enjoy the tourist attraction in Singapore. We have Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa Island, Eye Of Singapore etc etc.


Aisyah said...

ajak laa kiteorg skali.. kerek aa tak ajakkkk

next time kalau pegi.. must go arab street.. kain2 kire affordable laa kan nak beli and cantik2 la.. n must eat mirtabak singapore at restoran zam zam

pastuh kene gih night safari.. aku suke masuk toilet dier dulu.. cam sungguh safariiiii..

but that was may yonksss ago

sigh.. i lovee singaporeeee.. not for shopping tp just to enjoy the traffic and mrt hehehehe.. ye laa.. aku naik public transportation pun hanye di singapore.. kl.. aisehh.. tak tahannnnnn

hezz said...

next time go during the great s'pore sale. we never miss that each year! sangat2 besssttt!! around may to july every year!

Siti said...

Hi, I am from Singapore.

Well, compared branded stuff KL and Singapore, Singapore much more cheaper. I checked Guess bag in MidValley costs RM600 while in Singapore just cost $169. And now is on Christmas Sale so it discount up to 20%. As for electronic items, you can go to Sim Lim Sq, you can bargain there.

As for hanging around, you can go Esplanade, VivoCity (can ride cable car or ferry to go Sentosa), or Geylang as there lots of Malay stuffs too.


CC said...

Thanks for lovely and nice photos of your visit to the Singapore zoo.
As for cost of living, we just have to decide how much we are willing to spend on trips (holidays). Most importantly, go back with lots of joy and good memories with your loved ones.

Cheers, CC Sng (Mr)

Japan Auction said...

I love sales! Especially in Singapore because you can buy beautiful plates, cups and cheap shoes there too. I hope to go to Singapore again before the year ends. See you all there!

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