Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Arianna's 1st Visit To Hair Saloon

3rd November was a hard day for Wifey. It was the day that we decided to give Arianna a haircut. This is the first time for her since birth. So its a bit of an emotional moment for Wifey as the hair that has grown in her womb is about to be cut off. Luckily Wifey brought her camera to capture the memories of the last day of Arianna's born-with hair.

Actually Wifey had 2nd thoughts when we reached the hair saloon. Haha.. well I have to tell her, one day we'll have to get it over with anyway. Its time for Wifey to move on. The long hair is causing trouble to Arianna, masuk mata, masuk mulut. Wifey even discovered Arianna got split ends (whatever that means!). And lastly Acik Warni, the maid is complaining about it from day to day. The problem with Arianna is she is not keen on having her hair being clipped, banded or tie-ight (whats the past tense for tie? and band for this case)

So enjoy the pictures. Arianna was behaving marvelously. I wonder whether she really got the idea of getting her hair cut or not.


Tengah set rambut... malam ni ada gala dinner

Pose for Ayah

Ibu to make sure that the hairstylist doesnt screw up!

Boleh pulak sepit rambut

The hairdresser pon nak posing jugak!


A bit of alteration needed. Ibu tak puas hati rambut Arianna kene potong senget!

And there you go .. do expect the pictures of Arianna after this post with different hairstyle ok!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pemalas Punya Farul!

Commissioned pictures taken in Semenyih. The project is for Ma&Pa magazine, Hari Raya Aidiladha Edition year 2007.

Make sure you guys buy the magazine during this coming Raya Haji!

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