Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How was raya?

it was a tiring one for me..

1st raya spent in Cheras. 2nd raya went back to Alor Star. 3rd raya, we are back in KL. btw we stopped in Penang on our way back to KL.

anyway.... im glad that i brought my dSLR and tripod with me. here are some of the obligatory photos.

Cheras : all the babies were asleep.

Alor Star : Freestyle

Wifey: She's so beautiful kan?


airin said...

alamak bj raya qz same like mine!!!!.. heheheh

p/s: ni mesti Jackel punyer nih... :p

hezz said...

qz mmg beautiful, tapi pembodekan azril tu tak tahan!! hahahahha :p :p

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