Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How was raya?

it was a tiring one for me..

1st raya spent in Cheras. 2nd raya went back to Alor Star. 3rd raya, we are back in KL. btw we stopped in Penang on our way back to KL.

anyway.... im glad that i brought my dSLR and tripod with me. here are some of the obligatory photos.

Cheras : all the babies were asleep.

Alor Star : Freestyle

Wifey: She's so beautiful kan?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin

I have nothing much to update as for now.. so just enjoy the title lah!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Welcome to the world

Introducing Arianna's latest cousin.... Zafran! Born 16th September 2007. Brother to Qyran. Together they will form the QZ.

Anyhow Arianna still maintain being in the limelight being the only grand daughter in the family.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

10 minutes to go

.. for my shift to end. I am damn sleepy. I practically closed some tickets which haven't been resolved yet.

In my imagination after the fasting month is over, I want to go to the gym to do bit of workout after my midnite shift. Haha... what was I thinking!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Pictures: Bandung Trip 08092007

Since this is a shppoing trip, there's not many pictures taken. In fact, I didn't bring my dSLR.

First AirAsia flight for Arianna. First oversea trip for Arianna. Damn the seats arrangement is so horrible! For a big hunk like me, gile suffer!

First 2 nights we slept at Karmila Hotel. Its at Jalan Dago. The main shopping street in Bandung. I can summarize that there's about 3 main shopping streets in Bandung. Jalan Dago, Jalan Setiabudhi and ... and tak ingat la lagi satu tu!

At one of the shopping outlet. They call it Factory Outlets.

Telekung shopping at Pasar Baru. We spent almost 3 millions Rupiah there! Me have to go exchange currency right after that! Gila baru 1st day shopping!!!

Lunch at Paris Van Java

Nasi Padang at Jalan Dago. I agree with wwifey saying that nasi padang in Sari Ratu, KL is much better. Here the dishes are quite dissapointing. I guess we have to go to Padang for good nasi pandang. No.. we didn't try their mee or sirap bandung here in Bandung.

The remaining 2 nights were spent at ... dem! lupa plak nama hotel. A bit far from the town. Especially during weekend, the traffic jam was massive!

Factory outlet somemore... Did I mention that we went with Ayil, Esah and Marisa to Bandung? Our next trip together will be Cambodia! Sapa mau join?

Breakfast at the hotel

This time.. a bit more of family photos. Ade org boleh tolong snap

Before departure to Kampung Daun Restaurant

At Kampung Daun Restuarant

Their concept is quite cool, we get to eat in a small hut. The whole hut is for ourselves. The huts were located along the downstream of a waterfall. Cool huh?

More family photos. The food was good!

Next trip. Cambodia!

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