Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pictures: Sabah Trip 20070823

This was the 2nd trip to Sabah for Arianna and the countless trip for her parents. This was my last outstation trip with my old company (thanks GSB!) and I took the opportunity to extend my stay and spend leisure days with my family there.

So our "usual" itenerary would be:

1) Sleep at GSB's unofficial panel hotel - Deleeton Hotel for the 1st night
2) Trip to Kundasang
3) Enjoy the remaining days in Sutera Harbour Resort
4) Enjoy good seafood!
5) etc etc

This time we had the opportunity to sleep for a night at Kundasang. This is to witness the Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon 2007 which is sponsored by TM. Yeah.. Wifey travel for free too in this vacation. The only transport expenses is for Arianna's flight ticket. Thanks TM Group! You are far too kind!

So pictures:

Arianna enjoying the Climbathon

Notice the future Sports Marketing Executive of TM?

Having our lunch/tea at Kundasang

Arianna enjoys sleeping at Kundasang. Maybe its due to the weather.

At Sutera Harbour. Arianna and her "wim! wim! wim!"

At Warisan Square

Seafood at Seafood Garden Restaurant. We also went to Gayang Seafood Restuarant.

Trying to capture the sunset

The only family photo. We brought the tripod just for this one shot!

I really enjoyed this trip very much. Sabah will be my most memorable outstation spot. Among the reasons:

1) Its the first flying trip for Arianna.
2) Its the first outstation dating trip for me and wifey (then girlfriend). This is when we decided we love Yoyo so much!
3) It is my first borneo outstation trip and eventually the last. I've visited all the major districts Sabah; KK, Sandakan, Tawau, Kudat and Keningau. And Labuan if I must.
4) I meet interesting people (actually vendors) which become really close, even closer than the vendors in other states in the Peninsular.
5) Last but not least, I declare that the Mini Putrajaya project in Kompleks Gunasama Likas as my biggest/highest achievement during my career with GSB. The project took more than 1 year to complete and it is still being upgraded from time to time. And I will remember the times Ephol, Amir and myself spent together in building the network foundation of the complex. Haha... gila poyo sial!

So when is my next trip to Sabah? i wouldnt know.. near future.. confirm tak! maybe during the 1st flight for Arianna's brother/sister la plak!

p/s: i wonder why i quit my job. now i remember.. i left the Mini Putrajaya with lots of mess. Good luck guys in cleaning up those shits! Haha

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...rux... said...

Mini putrajaya, projek tak besar mana tp hassle giler aku layan all equipmnt purchase.

and aku penah spot check korg kat saner b4 aku panjat kinabalu. haram tak nmpak sekor pun!

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