Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy September

I dunno why it's so difficult for me to update my blog. Busy with my new job? Haha.. I'm practically doing the same thing that I was doing in my previous job... surfing the internet. The only difference is that I dont have that much freedom as before. The new company monitors the usage of the company resources that they do not allow employees to install softwares to the PC, keep MP3 files in the hard drive (which they limit the usage to only 1.5GB per person) and monitor the URLs visited by the employees. So no installing YM, no surfing Jobstreet.com at the office and lastly no porn surfing (damn!). So how is the new job? Well.. so far I could comment much as I have not started doing my real job yet. Last week was spent on HR and onboarding process and training. But the environment... I prefer the old environment much more. Im a slow in adapting to changes anyway.

Well, there's a few things that I will update with pictures later. I decided to spend my last days in the previous company by enjoying the company benefits all out! There's the Sabah trip that I haven't update and there's the Bandung trip.(which Ayil almost became an immigrant). Well, Arianna got a new cousin few days ago... that one I will update too. Lots of stuff to update huh? Arghhh... will do it later lah.. let me enjoy my birthday first! Which is today!!!! Haha


...rux... said...

1st for all heppi birthday

second, i believe u miss ur previous job adly until u received new paycheck.

third, your ex office come spend so much time playing game, go for weekdays shopping, came late everyday even CEO log in early than us, big break fast paid by vendor yada.. yada.. yada... and

the last one life still the same over here peaceful & soooo santaiii


rumet said...

haha... i know rux.. but then... sampai bila nak santai???

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