Friday, August 03, 2007

TKC Reunion


ragsy937 said...

RMC punya takde ke? heheh

hezz said...

hahahaha toye nyerr muka akuuu!! warghhhh?!

Afidalina Tumian said...

goshhhhhh..i can see mine too!! waaaaaaaaaa...hezz why we were so toye back then? :D sungguh ku tak ngaku.. cikgu zaynal buah hatiku!!

auntie kell said...

thanks rumet for uploading the video! so syahdu!!

qz,7 more weeks till my bun in the oven can come out,insyaAllah!mase i read you said me baking tuh..i was really making muffins..thot mcm mane la qz nih tau.hhahhah!

was this what you wanted to send me? if you still want to send a cd (afie and i tgn terbuke!) add is Wolfson College, Linton Rd, OX2 6UD, Oxford, UK.

loads of great memories in that you contributed a lot, since terselit je muke kell.

take care and hugs to arianna!

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