Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Wifey a.k.a Ibu

Hoorayy!! I managed to surprise Wifey with a bouquet of flowers this year. Haven't bought her any present yet. Have not take her for a nice dinner yet. Not that I don't want to, there's too many things happening during her birthday period.

1) TKC Batch 937 10th Year Reunion. We went to PD to celebrate that. I should have claimed that I organized the gathering to get her batch to celebrate it with her. But Mueya was kind enough to get a cake for that night. Thanks Mueya!

2) My mother insisted on celebrating the birthday on the day that we are going to PD. So she bought Wifey a cake and have a cake cutting ceremony that Saturday morning.

3) Me want to make a reservation at Tamarind Spring for Monday night, but the place was not open for public that night due to some private functions going on.

4) As I was about to make a reservation at Bombay Palace, I got a SMS from my mother saying that my father is admitted to HKL. He was sick for the past 2 weeks due to fever and stomach problems. He is still in HKL as for now.

5) Me trying to declare dinner at Bagan Lalang as the birthday dinner for Wifey was a failure. Went there last night, the food was horrible. Me give a 3 out of 10. The place is too far away and the price did not justify the food. Dun blame me on choosing the wrong restaurant, I went to the place where made their review!

So in a nutshell or two, I still owe Wifey a birthday dinner and a birthday present. As for Arianna, she gave her Ibu a birthday card in PD.


wifey said...

Thank you Hubby!!!!!!

This years bday mmg best.. can only get better as ive not received my bday gift, dinner and and and.....heheheh

auntie kell said...

Happy Belated Bday QZ!(lame tunggu nak wish kat sini, hehe!)May Allah give you more of the best in the years to come.
Mane gambar Ariana dpt Cutie Pie award?

nurulqz said...

Thank you Thank you auntie Kell!!!

Arianna the cutie pie decided to sleep during the prize giving... terpakselaa.. ibu the cuter pie gih collect.. hence.. pics of ibu the cuter pie aderlaa... hahahhaha

Heard that the baking is almost done? Done forget to send pictures of your cutie pie then kay?

BTW, whats ur add? If i have the time.. Ill send you a copy of the slide presentation .. something to cheer u up in ur heavy days kan?

Oay Kell... u take care okay? Kisses to baby kell from untie QZ..:)

Afidalina Tumian said...

happy belated bday jugak QZ! the presentation file big? kalau send thru y! tak buleh ka? takpe..if u post it to Kell, i can copy from her anyway.. hehe..bila nk dpt adik nih Arianna? wink2..:)

ragsy937 said...

aww so schweeeeett rumet... :)

Happy belated Qz! sorry ler, tak smepat nak kirim buku harry potter balik. Lagipon beg parents aku penuh sangat.. overweight siap!

nurulqz said...

Thanks pie...

x per.. u can post the book as my belated bday present...

Thanks pie.. ure the best!

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