Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tan Fook-Wan Wah lose close semis to Indonesians

Wifey brought Arianna and I to watch the game. Only one picture can describe our feelings on the Malaysian game.

Friday, August 17, 2007

White Laundry Basket For Sale

I know this item is so hard to get. Thanks to Wifey, she managed to get the few last pieces that was available in the market. Since she bought a few for my Product Shoot Studio, and I hardly even use it and the product shoot table has been converted to the computer table, I'm putting those laundry baskets for sale.

Size: 50cm X 50cm X 50cm
Color: White
Condition: New
Price: RM40

Here are some pictures of the product.

My studio setup. The problem with my setup is the IKEA lights are not bright enough. I wanted to buy bigger lights, but Wifey won't allow me to. Hehe

The result. Not bad lah... Im not a pro.

I guess if you are into selling stuffs online such as at eBay,, blogs or even using fotopages.. the result that you can achieve using this kind of setup is good enough.

I only have 4 units available. So drop me an e-mail at azrilzm[at]gmail[dot]com or call or sms at [zero1three]3415443 if you are interested. Konon tanak spam abes la ni! Haha

Monday, August 06, 2007

Pursuit Of Greener Grass

At last, I tendered my resignation yesterday. After all the frustrations and complaints about my current job in my previous entries, I manage to get out of it and will be starting my new job on the 17th September 2007. I was so determined to change my job that I did everything without giving it a second thought. I said "yes" to all the interviews invite, sent my CV to almost all the network service provider companies in the country (not to mention overseas) and blindly accept the first offer which meet my salary requirement. And the first one that came (and i accepted it) was for a 24X7 shift based job!

The moment when I compose my resignation letter was the time which made me think again. Is this what I really want to do? Leaving a great job (to many people) and start a job which I know I wouldn't survive without having started doing it yet. The current job provides me freedom of time, I can come to work no matter how late it is, have lunch as early as 12pm and get back to work at 3pm. Clock out as soon as 5.30pm. Able to travel all over Malaysia, enjoy Malaysian good food! The hidden perks of my current job are plenty!

I wouldn't know how my new job will be treating me but as for now the distance to the office and the working hours are the 2 cons (opposite of pros) so far. But the paycheck will be the major pros in my decision making. If I were to stay in my current job for another 5 years, I wont be getting as much as I will be getting at my new job. So just suck it in! I have to stay focus and always remember that Im doing all this for the two ladies in My Life.

Aren't they adorable? At least adorable enough for me to do whatever it takes to make sure they live a good life. Farul and I always have these conversation,"Kalau gaji 6 ribu, kerja cuci jamban pon aku sanggup sial!". Well at least I don't have to to get that amount of pay but if I have to, I know my two ladies will always be there supporting me :)

I love you gals so much!

Friday, August 03, 2007

TKC Reunion

One Fine Day in Port Dickson

Some of the pictures that I managed to capture while babysitting Arianna during the TKC gathering.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Wifey a.k.a Ibu

Hoorayy!! I managed to surprise Wifey with a bouquet of flowers this year. Haven't bought her any present yet. Have not take her for a nice dinner yet. Not that I don't want to, there's too many things happening during her birthday period.

1) TKC Batch 937 10th Year Reunion. We went to PD to celebrate that. I should have claimed that I organized the gathering to get her batch to celebrate it with her. But Mueya was kind enough to get a cake for that night. Thanks Mueya!

2) My mother insisted on celebrating the birthday on the day that we are going to PD. So she bought Wifey a cake and have a cake cutting ceremony that Saturday morning.

3) Me want to make a reservation at Tamarind Spring for Monday night, but the place was not open for public that night due to some private functions going on.

4) As I was about to make a reservation at Bombay Palace, I got a SMS from my mother saying that my father is admitted to HKL. He was sick for the past 2 weeks due to fever and stomach problems. He is still in HKL as for now.

5) Me trying to declare dinner at Bagan Lalang as the birthday dinner for Wifey was a failure. Went there last night, the food was horrible. Me give a 3 out of 10. The place is too far away and the price did not justify the food. Dun blame me on choosing the wrong restaurant, I went to the place where made their review!

So in a nutshell or two, I still owe Wifey a birthday dinner and a birthday present. As for Arianna, she gave her Ibu a birthday card in PD.

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