Monday, July 16, 2007

Splish Splash!

The picture in the last entry was shot at Awana Kijal during one of Wifey's outstation trip. So these are the "perks" that the Hubby and Daughter can enjoy.

The point of this entry:

1) To thank Untie Mueya for the 2-piece swimsuit for Arianna.
2) To update on Arianna's growth development.
3) To note that Arianna dislikes her floatation apparatus. Can't blame her. She's made of the toughest, faster and handsomest swimmer :)
4) To thank Wifey/Ibu for taking us to that trip. We had lots of fun! (Pictures never lie)


ragsy937 said...

apa? boyot swimmer?

rumet said...

oi! selamba kutuk arianna boyot!!!! dem you tapai.. gay bangla!

ragsy937 said...

ahhaa.. bukan arianna laa.. nko laaa.. iskkkk..

ephol said...

apekejadahnya swim pakai spek... org pakai goggle....

hezz said...

eiii gigit jugak arianna ni kan! huhu

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