Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pursuit Of Berat Badan Unggul

Due to health and fitness reason, I am now trying to lose weight.

Current Weight : 88 KG
Target Weight : 72 KG
Target Duration : 3 months staring from 21st May 2007

So plus minus, by 1st September I'll have a leaner body, better liver, and a longer dick. Yeah... need to get myself motivated in that way too.

So what's my gameplan? Today I'll reveal my "pantang" list.

1) No ice. According to Malays, ice will make you "buncit". Eventhough there are studies that says ice is good since the body will have to burn more calories to regulate the body temperature. But I am a Malay. So no ice for me in the next three months.

2) No coffee. Coffee is supposed to increase our metabolic rate. That is good. Higher metabolic rate means the food that we consume is burned faster. But Malays say that coffee will cause "angin". "Angin" is no good, it'll make you sick. So coffee is in my "pantang" list. My days will be filled with "air suam", milo and tea. Actually tea is "angin" too but not as bad as coffee. Since ancient Chinese live healthy-ly with their green tea, ginseng tea and chinese tea, i think tea no that that bad.

3) No seafood. Everybody knows about this. Cholesterol! Not good for my liver. Damn I'm gonna miss the "sotong apollo" at Kari Kepala Ikan Lucky Garden.

4) No internal organs. Same reason with number 3. So basically my diet would revolve around fish, chicken, meat and thats it...

5) No sex. Haaa... this is the critical "pantang". Last time I felt so healthy was the one month period before my wedding. So to regain the momentum of the fitness, I'll say no to sex for three months!! Haha... yeah right!!!


hezz said...

No. 5 - I'm not sure whether QZ will be happy about this! ehehehe.. plus isn't it time arianna got a 'lil adik? ;)

ragsy937 said...

haih... jangan cakap banya.. buat dulu baru cerita! weyh camne kira Berat badan unggul ni?

rumet said...

hezz: Arianna belum pandai cakap "adik" lagi! so... not yet lah.

tapai: ko gi website ni

ephol said...

errrr... arianna ada tak gigit or hisap jari kaki...??

+cheeps+ said...

ape buduh sgt ko nye diet nih?

rumet said...

ephol: dah abes dah gigit & hisap punya phase tu!

cheeps: diet org melayu... tu belum aku tulis tak boleh cungkil gigi dengan kemuncup (tangkai bunga lalang) lagi...


myfamilybiz4u said...

salam..jes wanna dropping by....u n ur wife tayah susah g jogging..jes try my style :)

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