Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The french toast was marvellous

I'll be away to Temerloh and Kuantan for 2 days. And this is how Arianna responded to it:

Haha! perasan punya bapak! The truth is, when Im outstation she will behave like an angel. She will go to sleep early, tak menyusahkan Ibu dia, etc etc....

Maybe I should go outstation more often....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I don't like my eggs prepared by the maid

Last Saturday we went to Kota Kemuning. Wifey's two sisters bought their house there and since we haven't seen the house before, it's considered as a house warming visit lah. That morning we went for breakfast at Uncle Lim Subang Parade with Ayil and family. Its so funny that Arianna has a special bonding with Ayil's maid. I remembered the past few visits to Ayil's house, Arianna did not give any "I dun talk to stranger" kind of treatment to Ayil's maid. There was an occurance that Arianna was having so much fun with the maid that Marisa got jealous and turned to play the "I'm your master" role to the maid. That particular morning, Arianna decided to let the maid carry her and waived goodbye to us. Warni tahu ni sure dia pon jeles.

Anyway, we had a good lunch at Kota Kemuning. I didn't ask much about the house. Since they just moved in, the house still has space to decorate. Unlike our house in Ara Damansara, I dun have space to mount a full length mirror to the wall anymore. Hehehe....

Some pictures taken during the visit:

Qyran, Arianna's cousin.

ooo.. bermanja-manja dengan ayah saya yer?

ayah saya la ni!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Kuantan Trip

Last two weekends we went to Kuantan. Its holiday trip for me and Arianna. Its work for Wifey. In other words, it was a free lodging and petrol trip. We stayed at Vistana Hotel again like last time. This time that particular weekend was filled events in Kuantan. There's the Paintball Tournament which Wifey had to assest. There's Gegak Selebriti Astro at Berjaya Megamall Kuantan. All the celebrities slept at Vistana, so there were few times that we rubbed celebrities asses in the evelator such as Nana, AC Mizal and his wife. The Raja Lawak Astro were there too.

Remember this crib?

Not that easy to get her to look at the camera.

Breakfast at Teluk Chempedak.

Arianna worrying about her future.

At the paintball tournament.

How was the paintball tournament? I enjoyed watching it! Will I get involved and play? If I were fit and rich... yes! I remembered last time I played paintball at Sunway Extreme Park. It was the company's sports day. Capture the flag was the game and Ephol and myself were the only flag capturer in our team. At first the strategy was to let the fit and tough sportmen in the team to capture the flag while the big guys and ladies do the "shoot the bunker" thingy. Somehow during the game, the tough people like Mi-G and Kamal stayed too long behind the bunker, leaving Ephol and myself running out hearts out to capture the flags. The sad part was the ladies team members like Mekju and Farah were shooting at us!

Oh yeah.. why do I have to be rich to play the game? The 2 times I played paintball, the total of pallettes that I used were not more than 300. Total rounds I played were about 10. In the tournament, a paintballer will use about 800 palletes per round! There's about 8 rounds per tournament. Its expected that a team spends nearly RM3K to enter a tournament.

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