Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reminder: Arianna's 1st Birthday Present from us

Before I forget what we got her for her 1st birthday, better I write it down somewhere. I wanted to get this toy for her long time ago, but was not sure due to the price of the Fisher Price. In the end Wifey bought it at Toys R Us Bangsar Village. Save budget Ayah Arianna :)

We didn't wait till her birthday to open up the present. Actually Ayah was more excited to open up the present :) Its a Walker + Bike.

Cantik kan bokeh tu? Lets the Comic Bubbles do the explaination from now. Letih woo edit gambar ni! Thanks LoctorMayat for the tutorial :)


Anonymous said...

i've been reading ur blog n finding myself looking forward to ur next blog on Arianna.Here's hoping to more frequent update on her!ha ha.she is precious and really cute.

ragsy937 said...

Comel la entry ni.. heheh.. Dah besar siyut... weyh.. ambik gambar semua anak anak sederet.. aku nak tengok! Marisa, Arianna, Aidan, Allya, Aisya,Afif. Eyh apsal semua nama anak anak memember kita start ngan A a? selain Marisa. Aku baru perasan siyut!

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