Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lets just write something lah!

Im getting comfortable with my plain life nowadays. Im beginning to accept that Im not rich, my work sucks, my car is full of ants and my work sucks. Nahhh... I have too much of these entries in my blog. Lets blog about something else...

Well I'm in a kind of a sprint run on job hunting nowadays. Since Wifey switched to her new job, I stop searching. I thought I have to give it a break. We wouldnt want both of us adapting to our new jobs at the same time right? So now since Wifey is well adapted with her work, I guess why not spend my boring days with sending out CVs.

Last three weeks were filled with job hunting. I went for an interview and nailed a job at Jalan Tun Razak. Turned down the offer because they offer me too low. I've turned down a RM3.8K salary with Gred 22 in TM Group, RM4.1K salary at a MNC and now RM4.5K at a GLC. I bet with a few more interviews, I will get my target of RM5 gees. Siapa kata kene lompat-lompat kerja untuk naik gaji cepat? Lompat-lompat interview pon boleh lah!

But last nite I told myself, Im out of gas lah for this sprint. Im thinking of having another break. Subconciously this job hunting activity is using up too much of my brain resources. I rarely use more than 0.00001% of my brain capability. And writing this entry makes me extra dizzy because as I proof read (yes, I do it) the entry... gila tak paham la oi!

Lets put pictures inside..... nampak panjang skit entry ni!

Anak manja siapa ni?

My precious Arianna. Bukan senang nak dapat gambar dia posing macam ni :)


auntie kell said...

makin comel la this one yr old! Happy belated bday, tell ibu to bring you to UK visit Auntie kell tau, if that comes out first from your mouth i bet she'll take the next flight out!

Anonymous said...

She really is gorgeous. She got QZ's features!

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