Sunday, March 11, 2007

Arianna's Birthday Party

My precious daughter is turning 1 year old this coming 15th March. Since Wifey will be busy the weekend after Arianna's birthday, we decided to hold her birthday party the Saturday before. I was too occupied with the grill, hence the pictures were captured by Farul.

Chocolate Moist Cake by Secret Recipe. Design by Farul.

Cake cutting ceremony.

Cake tasting. Today no pantang for Arianna. Anything goes!

Most of our friends turn up. We invited the usual crowd. Wifey invited her officemates which her boss turned up. My parents family were also present. Thank you all for your time spent to commemorate Arianna's birthday. The presents are fun to play with for the parents since all Arianna would do to the presents now is to put it into her mouth. For those of you who can't make it, no worries. Her birthday will be this coming Thursday. We can still arrange a Teh Tarik session somewhere just to lepak-lepak.

Siapakah pembolot belon ini?


Lama tak jumpa mereka. Maklumlah.. dah lama tak main badminton. Ini semua gara-gara Beny yang tak book court.

Kenapa Beny tak book court? Sibuk menjaga isteri dan anak?

Jasmy datang??? Kena snap banyak-banyak gambar dia ni! Ntah bila lagi boleh jumpa dia pon tak tahu lah..

Pn Syaz dan suami turut hadir.

Kenapa Zamie marah sangat?

Tersenyum Esah dibuatnya..

Ini lagi sorang.. sikit lagi boleh jadi member baik Jasmy dah mamat ni!

Along dan Aidan.

Present from Ibu's friend. Belon boleh terbang!

Present unwrapping ceremony.

Early sign of a bully?


Aunty Eryana ;) said...

Hello Arianna! Happy 1st birthday ya pretty gurl? sorry aunty eryana tak dapat dtg ur bday party haritu.. hmm..xpe..maybe nanti aunty dtg masa arianna dapat adik ke? ehehehe ibu dan ayah arianna.. bila tu agaknya? :p

Yaya said...

Eppy burfday Arianna! All the best wishes! Panjangnya rambut nak main ikat2 ni. :)
Rumet, if nak cari kerja here u can try surf etisalat ( du ( Those are the 2 telecommunication providers here. Good luck k..kalau nak website lain, kena emailla..banyak sgt nak post here. Aeka dkt Halliburton, mostly they are looking for peple with oil n gas background. But u can try oso, cos now the HQ nak move from Texas to Dubai, so mebi they might need a lot of staffs there...kalau dpt kerja dgn halliburton, wooohooooo best! Try je, mana tahu ada rezeki, alhamdulillah....

SME ® said...

mule2 tgk gamba abg ben, ingatkan ben tgh tunjuk F sign kat cipok

oh btw happy besday arianna

myjulieyana said...

happy birthday little girl! sorry we couldn't make it to your birthday.. we went balik kampung that weekend. hope u have a great time!

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