Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reminder: Arianna's 1st Birthday Present from us

Before I forget what we got her for her 1st birthday, better I write it down somewhere. I wanted to get this toy for her long time ago, but was not sure due to the price of the Fisher Price. In the end Wifey bought it at Toys R Us Bangsar Village. Save budget Ayah Arianna :)

We didn't wait till her birthday to open up the present. Actually Ayah was more excited to open up the present :) Its a Walker + Bike.

Cantik kan bokeh tu? Lets the Comic Bubbles do the explaination from now. Letih woo edit gambar ni! Thanks LoctorMayat for the tutorial :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lets just write something lah!

Im getting comfortable with my plain life nowadays. Im beginning to accept that Im not rich, my work sucks, my car is full of ants and my work sucks. Nahhh... I have too much of these entries in my blog. Lets blog about something else...

Well I'm in a kind of a sprint run on job hunting nowadays. Since Wifey switched to her new job, I stop searching. I thought I have to give it a break. We wouldnt want both of us adapting to our new jobs at the same time right? So now since Wifey is well adapted with her work, I guess why not spend my boring days with sending out CVs.

Last three weeks were filled with job hunting. I went for an interview and nailed a job at Jalan Tun Razak. Turned down the offer because they offer me too low. I've turned down a RM3.8K salary with Gred 22 in TM Group, RM4.1K salary at a MNC and now RM4.5K at a GLC. I bet with a few more interviews, I will get my target of RM5 gees. Siapa kata kene lompat-lompat kerja untuk naik gaji cepat? Lompat-lompat interview pon boleh lah!

But last nite I told myself, Im out of gas lah for this sprint. Im thinking of having another break. Subconciously this job hunting activity is using up too much of my brain resources. I rarely use more than 0.00001% of my brain capability. And writing this entry makes me extra dizzy because as I proof read (yes, I do it) the entry... gila tak paham la oi!

Lets put pictures inside..... nampak panjang skit entry ni!

Anak manja siapa ni?

My precious Arianna. Bukan senang nak dapat gambar dia posing macam ni :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Arianna's Birthday Party

My precious daughter is turning 1 year old this coming 15th March. Since Wifey will be busy the weekend after Arianna's birthday, we decided to hold her birthday party the Saturday before. I was too occupied with the grill, hence the pictures were captured by Farul.

Chocolate Moist Cake by Secret Recipe. Design by Farul.

Cake cutting ceremony.

Cake tasting. Today no pantang for Arianna. Anything goes!

Most of our friends turn up. We invited the usual crowd. Wifey invited her officemates which her boss turned up. My parents family were also present. Thank you all for your time spent to commemorate Arianna's birthday. The presents are fun to play with for the parents since all Arianna would do to the presents now is to put it into her mouth. For those of you who can't make it, no worries. Her birthday will be this coming Thursday. We can still arrange a Teh Tarik session somewhere just to lepak-lepak.

Siapakah pembolot belon ini?


Lama tak jumpa mereka. Maklumlah.. dah lama tak main badminton. Ini semua gara-gara Beny yang tak book court.

Kenapa Beny tak book court? Sibuk menjaga isteri dan anak?

Jasmy datang??? Kena snap banyak-banyak gambar dia ni! Ntah bila lagi boleh jumpa dia pon tak tahu lah..

Pn Syaz dan suami turut hadir.

Kenapa Zamie marah sangat?

Tersenyum Esah dibuatnya..

Ini lagi sorang.. sikit lagi boleh jadi member baik Jasmy dah mamat ni!

Along dan Aidan.

Present from Ibu's friend. Belon boleh terbang!

Present unwrapping ceremony.

Early sign of a bully?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The disadvantage of being tall

You'll always have to stand at the back of a group photo. Damn i wish i could see how tough I was 10 years ago. Ahaks!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Gua Punya Blog..Gua Punya Suka Laa!

There’s a Malay saying that goes something like this, “Jangan ketawa banyak sangat, nanti menangis”. Direct translation would be, “Don’t laugh too much, you’ll end up crying”. In our community, the saying would be used to slow down our kids. When kids are extremely happy playing with their peers/siblings, they tend to be careless and someone would get hurt. As I remember it, who cares about crying? If we can enjoy and play for a few hours and cry for a few minutes and then continue enjoying with the same person that made you cry, as if as there’s nothing wrong with it, then to hell with the saying!

I guess there’s a deeper meaning to that saying. For example, if a person loves coffee so much that he/she can’t operate normally without it. Then the barista should tell that person, don’t consume too much coffee or one day you’ll regret it.

What’s the point of my ramblings this time? I don’t have any. I’m currently updating this blog at the hotel room in Kota Bharu. There’s no WiFi at this chicken hotel so I have to get connected through 3G which I haven’t subscribe the unlimited data package. I miss my family. I do that a lot nowadays when I’m outstation. Thank God there’s video call. I just got of the phone with Arianna showing her “tepuk amai amai” and “bye bye” skills. It’s been a while since I post an entry purely on Arianna. I have my own can’t be blogged reason for that. Actually I haven’t been playing with my 350D for quite sometime now. I bought the February 2007 issue of Digital Camera Magazine (Malaysia Edition) and haven’t read any article in it. My Product Shoot Studio which Wifey worked hard for has been abandoned since I bought a PC which I plan to do my photo editing with it.

So much of living the new year resolution of enjoying and appreciating everything I have in hand that doesn’t cost any money that I’ve abandoned all the stuffs that I spent my money on. I reckon that I need time of adapt to this new type of happiness. I can’t say that I’m not happy as I can see that everybody around me is having their happy moments. Wifey with her new job, Arianna - well she has no reason to be unhappy I hope, my sis with her first job (siap belanja the whole family at Bakerzin OU last nite), my parents going to Dubai & Instanbul for vacation, father-in-law with his new swiftlet nesting project, mother-in-law with her unclaimed oversea vacation trip, the maid with her new two pieces of bracelets and my friends advancing through their careers and looks like they know where they are heading. Thank God for His blessing for me to be surrounded by these people. Shall I be the person who says, “Jangan seronok sangat, nanti nangis” or shall I be the person that makes the happy person cry?

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