Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ye Olde Smokehouse

These are the pictures taken on my first commercial shoot assignment. The client wanted to update their official website for the ongoing Visit Malaysia Year 2007. I have more pictures of the place but I'll be needing their permission to put it up on this blog.

Yeah riggghhhtttt!!!! Whoever pays me for taking any kind of pictures must be damn rich and dunno where to dispose their money to.

Come to think of it, the owner of this hotel might be able to do just that. For charging RM600 for their lowest-end room, they might as well hire a monkey setup their website.

These were taken during our trip to Cameron Highlands last Saturday. It was a 2-night vacation and we managed to drag my whole family and our maid with us. Our only complaint about the trip was since it's CNY, the highway was so packed with cars. And Cameron Highlands was filled with human beings from I dunno where.

So what about The Smokehouse Inn? They serve the best scones in Cameron Highlands. Wifey and I concur with that. Especially me since they are charging RM7.50 per piece. In addition to the scone, i would like to add their steak as their "best in Cameron" item. Wifey and I had one T-Bone and one Sirloin Steak. And let me tell you this... their sirloin steak is about 1 1/2 inches thick and its so the juicy. Where can I find that kind of steak in KL??? If I had to pay RM69 for that kind of steak there, I won't mind paying RM100 for that same steak here in KL...

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