Sunday, February 25, 2007

Charms Cafe

Last Saturday we brought Wifeys' parents to IKEA. We went to Charms Cafe at The Curve for lunch.

Here's the quote from TheStar website:

"CHARMS CAFÉ, Lot G38, Ground Floor, Asian Courtyard, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ (Tel: 03-7728 2206). Business Hrs: Daily (10am-10pm) & Lot S206, 2nd Floor, Promenade 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, PJ (Tel: 03-7722 2206). Business Hrs: Sun-Thurs (10am-10pm); Fri & Sat (10am-10.30pm). Pork Free. Offers Malaysian full course meals that have starters like Spicy Gizzie, Rojak, Fried Carrot Cake and the popular Mayo Dip. Local specialities include Lamb Charmer and Charms Laksa, while must-trys are the Fried Bananas with Ice Cream and Tong Sui with Sweet Dumplings. "

As you can see I was pretty much occupied with Arianna during that lunch. Cant really describe much about the food. But Wifey ordered the Lamb Charmer for me.

Its served with rice, salad and sambal. I wont give it a " Sedap gila la oi! Slurrrppp" kind of comment to it but I would recommend it to others lah..

Nice close up huh? I think I wanna try and sell it at Shutterstock lah!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ye Olde Smokehouse

These are the pictures taken on my first commercial shoot assignment. The client wanted to update their official website for the ongoing Visit Malaysia Year 2007. I have more pictures of the place but I'll be needing their permission to put it up on this blog.

Yeah riggghhhtttt!!!! Whoever pays me for taking any kind of pictures must be damn rich and dunno where to dispose their money to.

Come to think of it, the owner of this hotel might be able to do just that. For charging RM600 for their lowest-end room, they might as well hire a monkey setup their website.

These were taken during our trip to Cameron Highlands last Saturday. It was a 2-night vacation and we managed to drag my whole family and our maid with us. Our only complaint about the trip was since it's CNY, the highway was so packed with cars. And Cameron Highlands was filled with human beings from I dunno where.

So what about The Smokehouse Inn? They serve the best scones in Cameron Highlands. Wifey and I concur with that. Especially me since they are charging RM7.50 per piece. In addition to the scone, i would like to add their steak as their "best in Cameron" item. Wifey and I had one T-Bone and one Sirloin Steak. And let me tell you this... their sirloin steak is about 1 1/2 inches thick and its so the juicy. Where can I find that kind of steak in KL??? If I had to pay RM69 for that kind of steak there, I won't mind paying RM100 for that same steak here in KL...

Monday, February 05, 2007

Hoorah! Hoorah!

Besok Wifey balik! besok wifey balik! we've been apart for the longest period since i call her "wifey". even I with the cop "selalu outstation" pon tak pernah outstation selama ni. never ever-ever i leave my family throughout the weekend... apatah lagi throughout the week!

anyway she'll be back tomorrow. i wished i could take leave (sampai macam tu sekali nak celebrate wifey balik) but there are a few jobs need to be done on appraisal, submit transfer application to hr, finalize on ESOS, take out money from asb if required for esos, call remiser, and thats it. so cannot take leave but no worry, ive survived 6 nights ... what is another couple of hours right? if she's back by lunch time, i might rush back home for a quickie... eventhough i dont see the point of rushing.. hehe

so guys, sorry i cant make it to any plans a.k.a snooker tomorrow night! but wait... i just remembered making an appointment for installation at Sg. Petani on Tuesday morning. that is at least 4 hours drive from home. with the condition of my car, i think 5-6 hours would do more justice to it. how can i make an appoinment knowing that wifey will be back on monday? oh yeah.. i planned to drive to sg. petani very early in the tuesday morning.. like 5.30-6am. but after 6 nights sleeping "alone"... i dun think i'll be sleeping at all if i were to move at that hour. is it safe for me to drive without getting enough rest the night before? hell no! so do i have to travel to sg petani the day before? which is Monday?????? isk!! can i reschedule the appoinment? no demmit! the appointment was set with 3 other contractors. call in sick? nahh... im not that kind of staff... never did that kind of stinky tactics thoughout my career. ask regional staff to assist? haha! buat lawak apa ni oi! send someone else from my unit to take over? haa... that's possible. sg.petani being in the northern region is always favourable to most of us. nice highway, cheap good food and most of us have family over there. i should holler,"sapa mau pegi utara urgent site besok?!" and there'll be a few people swarming at me to answer that call of duty.hehe.. even the staff not from our unit will be trying their luck to assist us. well i'll do just that tomorrow. if everybody else made their appoinments for this week, then i have to implant a tag line to my brain, "if i can wait 6 six nights... what is another night" or directly translated to malay, "kalau aku boleh tunggu 6 malam.. apa laa lagi satu malam".... hopefully there's not many sites in the northern region that requires me to travel more than 1 night lah...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

3 down 3 to go

Arianna riding an elephant at Kelana Seafood.

Last week was Thank God Its Friday. Well this week I have to say.. Why Is It Only Friday Goddamnit! Screw the weekend... I want Monday! I want Monday! Its gonna be 3 more nights till Monday. Notice that I used "nights" instead of "days"? The critical part in taking care of Arianna is during the night and by default, I leave it for Wifey to handle. Well again, I leave the critical part in taking care of myself during the night solely to Wifey too...

On Wednesday night, Esah and Ayil invited us to their place. Since I cant drive while handling Arianna, I hitch-hiked Farul to get us there. Its just dinner, American Idol and Heroes but it did ease up on my "taking care of Arianna during the absence of Wifey" thingy. I guess my previous depressing posts not only touched peoples' hearts, it did earn me a nice dinner of Nasi Goreng, Sotong Goreng Tepung, Daging Masak Black Pepper and Sawi with Japanese Tofu. Thanks Esah and Ayil for the great dinner . Im sure Arianna enjoyed playing with Marisa and Alyya as well that night. Thanks to Farul and Jue for being our chauffeur that night. Not to forget that they (Ayil,Esah,Farul&Jue) even offered me to tag them along to Syaz's wedding this coming Saturday but I politely declined as I've replied that Wifey and I are not coming. Thanks anyway guys, really appreciate the gesture! (did I even use the word correctly pon..haha)

On Thursday evening (just now), we had an early dinner at Kelana Seafood. The nine of us (Mummy, Daddy, Zarina, Rizal, Arianna, Warni, Mut and Honda(Zarina's friend)) had to have dinner at 6pm as Zarina is catching the 10pm train to Singapore. She went with Honda and another friend for holiday, I guess. We had a big dinner with 6 delicious dishes but to me, the main attraction that evening was to appreciate how much Arianna has grown. She's a noisy girl... banyak mulut. We brought her dinner but she's not satisfied with just that. She just has to eat what other people are having. With Opah everwilling to feed almost anything to her, she got herself a deep fried garoupa with soy sauce for a treat. I was worried with her food intake considering she is not one year old yet, but everybody was saying, "Ibu dia tade.. boleh la makan". I never argue my authority as the father and neither did I fight for what Wifey would have fought for, but the fact that Wifey is missing all these about Arianna did make my heart sank deep into my intestine. People might say, its not that she missed Arianna's first started walking or first formal word or anything but to me, I enjoy every small achivements of Arianna. Her ability to say "bababababai" which is "bye-bye" or "nanak" which means either "nak" or "tanak", her hand gestures of "bye-bye","angkat tangan" and "tunjuk gigi. Today itself I witnessed he biting a biscuit (with her 5 teeth!) and made a "kruk-kruk" sound that made me laugh. Well maybe Im being sad for Wifey for missing all this is uncalled for, maybe she is not in the same page as I am... but as a mother, Im sure her heart is in the right place right now.

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