Monday, January 29, 2007

The Worst Will Be Over Soon

Wifey will be leaving the two of us for one week starting today. The trip would be KL - Kangar - Langkawi - Alor Star - Bukit Merah - Cameron Highlands - KL. How dare her huh? Just look at the two faces.. do we look like we can take care of each other without her?

Anyway Wifey did go with strong justifications. The nature of the event requires her to travel that way and that long. She did request to just follow half of the event. The complete trip would add Gua Musang, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan and other places which I didn't bother to remember. She assures us that other events won't be as crazy as this. She did bribe me with a big casserole of tiramisu :) and Arianna got herself a new book. The most important thing is we did get the full weekend all for ourselves eventhough Wifey did have lots of communications through the phone for work. We even stopped by at the office for half an hour for Wifey to bring back work to do it at home. Its a small matter to me as long as she does her work when I'm well asleep... hehe.

Well we are gonna miss you, Ibu. Eventhough you didn't upgrade your sim card to 3G, we know that you'll always remember us during your trip. We wish you all the best in organizing the event and prove to your boss that you can do it eventhough you just joined less than 1 month ago. Lastly, May Allah Bless your journey and we love you so much! :)


nina said...

around the world, eh.. peninsular in seven days!

gambar comel. i mean arianna. bukan yg belakang tu k.

chics said...


wonder which one of you will cry when she's really gone for the trip.


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