Friday, January 05, 2007

First Post With My Latest Toy

Just got myself a new PC. The main reason for getting one is to post process my pictures which I intend to sell one day. After one whole evening well spent with Farul at Low Yat Plaza, the shop made a lucrative RM2000+ income. Now is 12.22am and I've done installing the OS to this new gadget of mine.

A lot of things happened in My Life in the past few weeks, such as:

1) Wifey bought herself a new IXUS 850IS.
2) I got wifey a brand new Tissot for our anniversary gift.
3) Raya Haji
4) New Year
5) We met Ceng and family a day before Raya Haji. (refer 2nd picture)
6) Wifey officially reported duty to her new job.
7) Arianna has proudly grown 3 teeth now.
8) My self-declared official attire to work is T-shirt and khakis.
9) After rejecting 2 job offers, I've been rejected by 2 companies on my applications. What do they call it? Karma?
10) Last time there were 4 "breakfast / lunch / mengular" buddies; Ayil, Farul, Wifey and Myself. Since Ayil and Wifey left, Farul and I found new regular buddies; Mama and Rodek. Our usual topics would be Malaysian movie industry, Western Parody Movies and Rodek's new set of braces. But we have to find a new replacement soon since Rodek is leaving soon.
11) One of my new year's resolution is "to appreciate life which does not cost any money". Haha.. even I myself laughed at that.


ragsy937 said...

To ceng : muka along siyutttttttttt.. loser la cenggg..!! ahhaha. Kene kasi kuat lagi.. nak kena makan tngkat ali lebey sikt ceng ni..

RUmet : wah.. dahsyat.. tahun baru komputer baru. Ada berani meh datang sini la weyhh.. join ngan ayil ngan esah.. baru kewlll.. reramai main snuker kat sini.. muhahaha

rumet said...

Tapai: Actually lagi banyak muka Ceng. Kiterang ade gambar Aidan yang boleh buat ko terkejut gila! Tapi aku tak sanggup nak post kat blog ni.

Komputer baru tu investment. Pegi sana? Tunggu Arianna boleh cakap, " Ayah.. jom pegi Old Trafford jumpa Uncle Tapai!" Baru aku consider nak pegi.. keh keh keh

+cheeps+ said...

Thank you for including Mama in your gang... really appreciate it

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