Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Wifey told me that I might go to the state of depression if I keep on being like this. So that night I took my ketamine pills and went to the state of comma. I dunno which is worse; depression or comma. But the next morning I woke up with my brain being reset and Im back to normal.

You think it's that easy huh? Have you ever wonder why cats have 9 lives? In general cats are meant to be loved, pampered and played with humans. They are so adoreable that humans spend lots of time and money for them. Again, they core function of a cat is to be enjoyed by human beings. When they are being abandoned due to ageing and loss of cuteness, they go to the state of depression. Since in cat's world there no Dr. House or Dr. Cuddy, they will eventually die and reborn to cheer the human mankind. But why only 9 lives? Imagine how many cats will be in this world if they can re-live more than that!

p/s: I am losing it.. am I?


myjulieyana said...

rumet, depress lagi ke ni? aiyoo..

jom ajak qz buat pot-luck party jom.. kat rumah ayil la sbb rumah dia cantik.. rumah kita semua kecik.. tak pon kat rumah ceng.. lagi besar.. bleh BBQ!

rumet said...

pot-luck party?? aku dapat dinner dengan die sekali pon dah boleh bersyukur dah...

wedding syaz pon kiterang tak dapat pegi..

kalu korang nak buat pot-luck ... just proceed without me :(

myjulieyana said...

lorh.. nape seh? wedding syaz taleh pegi nape? qz keje ke? teruk depression ko ni.. hemp.. hope u'r getting better.. maybe both of you need a vacation..

rumet said...

qz outstation that weekend :(

theayil said...

suda la woiii
bape ribu kali aa aku ajak snuker
manjang kene reject!!
cipok lak buntut die sakit
arib plak kene teman cipok
mcm2 aa alasan wehh
ckp je aa korg takut kene blasah!! ptuih!

ragsy937 said...

ptuih jugakkkk

nina said...

heh never thot it could be this bad. hang in there.

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